Gauge Theories in Particle Physics: A Practical Introduction, Fourth Edition - 2 Volume set

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VOLUME 1 INTRODUCTORY SURVEY, ELECTROMAGNETISM AS A GAUGE THEORY, AND RELATIVISTIC QUANTUM MECHANICS The Particles and Forces of in the Standard Model Electromagnetism as a Gauge Theory Relativistic Quantum Mechanics Lorentz Transformations and Discrete Symmetries INTRODUCTION TO QUANTUM FIELD THEORY Quantum Field Theory I: The Free Scalar Field Quantum Field Theory II: Interacting Scalar Fields Quantum Field Theory III: Complex Scalar Fields, Dirac and Maxwell Fields; Introduction of Electromagnetic Interactions TREE-LEVEL APPLICATIONS IN QED Elementary Processes in Scalar and Spinor Electrodynamics Deep Inelastic Electron-Nucleon Scattering and the Parton Model LOOPS AND RENORMALIZATION Loops and Renormalization I: The ABC Theory Loops and Renormalization II: QED APPENDIX A: Non-Relativistic Quantum Mechanics APPENDIX B: Natural Units APPENDIX C: Maxwell's Equations: Choice of Units APPENDIX D: Special Relativity: Invariance and Covariance APPENDIX E: Dirac Delta-Function APPENDIX F: Contour Integration APPENDIX G: Green Functions APPENDIX H: Elements of Non-Relativistic Scattering Theory APPENDIX I: The Schrodinger and Heisenberg Pictures APPENDIX J: Dirac Algebra and Trace Identities APPENDIX K: Example of a Cross Section Calculation APPENDIX L: Feynman Rules for Tree Graphs in QED References Index VOLUME 2 NON-ABELIAN SYMMETRIES Global Non-Abelian Symmetries Local Non-Abelian (Gauge) Symmetries QCD AND THE RENORMALIZATION GROUP QCD I: Introduction, Tree-Graph Predictions, and Jets QCD II: Asymptotic Freedom, the Renormalization Group, and Scaling Violations Lattice Field Theory and the Renormalization Group Revisited SPONTANEOUSLY BROKEN SYMMETRY Spontaneously Broken Global Symmetry Chiral Symmetry Breaking Spontaneously Broken Local Symmetry WEAK INTERACTIONS AND THE ELECTROWEAK THEORY Introduction to the Phenomenology of Weak Interactions CP Violation and Oscillation Phenomena The Glashow-Salam-Weinberg Gauge Theory of Electroweak Interactions APPENDIX M: Group Theory APPENDIX N: Geometrical Aspects of Gauge Fields APPENDIX O: Dimensional Regularization APPENDIX P: Grassmann Variables APPENDIX Q: Feynman Rules for Tree Graphs in QCD and the Electroweak Theory References Index Problems appear at the end of each chapter.
This two-volume set provides a practical, and comprehensive introduction to the gauge theories of the standard model of particle physics. Each volume covers the main conceptual points and the many practical calculations of physical quantities, and compares these quantitative predictions with experimental results.
Autor: Ian J. R. Aitchison, Anthony J. G. Hey
Ian J.R. Aitchison is Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford and a visiting scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He has previously held research positions at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Saclay, and the University of Cambridge. He was a visiting professor at the University of Rochester and the University of Washington, and a scientific associate at CERN. Dr. Aitchison has published over 90 scientific papers mainly on hadronic physics and quantum field theory. He is the author of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, An Informal Introduction to Gauge Field Theories, and Supersymmetry in Particle Physics and joint editor of two other books. Anthony J.G. Hey is Vice President of Microsoft Research Connections, where he is responsible for the worldwide external research and technical computing strategy across Microsoft Corporation. A fellow of the U.K. Royal Academy of Engineering, Dr. Hey was previously the director of the U.K. e-Science Initiative and the head of the School of Electronics and Computer Science and dean of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Southampton. His research interests encompass parallel programming for parallel systems built from mainstream commodity components. With Jack Dongarra, Rolf Hempel, and David Walker, he wrote the first draft of a specification for a new message-passing standard called MPI. This initiated the process that led to the successful MPI standard of today.

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Autor: Ian J. R. Aitchison
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ISBN: 1466513179
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