The Geometry of Special Relativity

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Introduction Newton's Relativity Einstein's Relativity The Physics of Special Relativity Observers and Measurement The Postulates of Special Relativity Time Dilation and Length Contraction Lorentz Transformations Addition of Velocities The Interval Circle Geometry Distance Trigonometry Triangle Trig Rotations Projections Addition Formulas Hyperbola Geometry Trigonometry Distance Triangle Trig Rotations Projections Addition Formulas The Geometry of Special Relativity The Surveyors Spacetime Diagrams Lorentz Transformations Space and Time Dot Product Applications Drawing Spacetime Diagrams Addition of Velocities Length Contraction Time Dilation Doppler Shift Problems I Practice The Getaway Angles are not Invariant Interstellar Travel Cosmic Rays Doppler Effect Paradoxes Special Relativity Paradoxes The Pole and Barn Paradox The Twin Paradox Manhole Covers Relativistic Mechanics Proper Time Velocity Conservation Laws Energy Useful Formulas Problems II Mass isn't Conserved Colliding Oarticles I Colliding Oarticles II Colliding Oarticles III Colliding Oarticles IV Relativistic Electromagnetism Magnetism from Electricity Lorentz Transformations Vectors Tensors The Electromagnetic Field Maxwell's Equations The Unification of Special Relativity Problems III Electricity vs. Magnetism I Electricity vs. Magnetism II Beyond Special Relativity Problems with Special Relativity Tidal Effects Differential Geometry General Relativity Uniform Acceleration and Black Holes Hyperbolic Geometry Non-Euclidean Geometry The Hyperboloid The Poincare Disk The Klein Disk The Pseudosphere Calculus Circle Trigonometry Hyperbolic Trigonometry Exponentials (and Logarithms) Bibliography
This title presents special relativity in a geometric framework using basic trigonometry. It emphasises the equivalence between special and hyperbolic trigonometry, and shows how the fascinating and easily accessible mathematics topic of hyperbolic triangle trigonometry is useful in solving problems in relativity.

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Autor: Tevian (Oregon State University Dray
ISBN-13 :: 9781466510470
ISBN: 1466510471
Erscheinungsjahr: 07.08.2012
Verlag: Taylor & Francis Inc
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