Developments in Mathematical and Experimental Physics
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Developments in Mathematical and Experimental Physics

Volume B: Statistical Physics and Beyyond
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Enrique Diaz
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Preface. Contributing Authors. Part I: Colloidal Particles and Stochastic Dynamics. Interaction between colloidal particles; R. Castañeda-Priego, et al. Self-diffusion of colloidal particles in two-dimensional porous media; A. Ramirez-Saito, J.L. Arauz-Lara. Short-time transport properties in colloids; O. Alarcón-Waess. Rotational diffusion in a ferrocolloid; M. Hernández-Contreras. Dynamics of colloidal particles; J.M. Méndez-Alcaraz, O. Alarcón-Waess. Rotating unstable Langevin-type dynamics and nonlinear effects; J.I. Jiménez-Aquino, M. Romero-Bastida. Mesoscopic thermodynamics for Brownian particles; M. Mayorga. Chaos and transport in deterministic inertial ratchets; J.L. Mateos. Stochastically driven ratchets; E. Cortés.
Part II: Biological Systems and Polymer. Computer simulation meets molecular biology; V. Helms, et al. From neuron to brain: Statistical physics of the nervous system; P.H.E. Tiesinga. Elastic vibrational of nanoparticles; E. Haro-Poniatowski, et al. Vibrational Spectroscopy of Biological Membrane Models; M. Picquart. Polymer chain collapse in supercritical fluids; C. Ortiz-Estrada, et al.
Part III: Granular Materials and Quantum Systems. Amperian magnetism in the dynamic response of granular materials; R.G. Barrera, A. Garcia-Valenzueal. Spin and charge order in the vortex lattice of the cuprates: experiment and theory; S. Sachdev. Thermodynamic analogies between Bose-Einstein condensation and black-body radiation; V. Romero-Rochin, V.S. Bagnato.
Part IV: Liquid Crystals and Molecular Fluids. Nonequilibrium thermal light scattering from nematic liquid crystals; R.F. Rodriguez, J.F. Camacho. Relaxationin the kinetic Ising model on the periodic inhomogeneous chain; L.L. Gonçalves, et al. Primitive models for thermotropic liquid-crystals; N. Ibarra-Avalos, et al. Modeling thermodynamic properties of fluids with discrete potentials; A.L. Benavides, A. Gil-Villegas. Thermodynamic properties of fluids determined from the speed of sound; A.F. Estrada-Alexanders, D. Justo. Effective potentials and second virial coefficient for polar fluids; F. del Rio, E. Ávalos.
The FIRST MEXICAN MEETING ON MATHEMATICAL AND EXPERI­ MENTAL PHYSICS was held at EL COLEGIO NACIONAL in Mexico City, Mexico, from September 10 to 14, 2001. This event consisted of the LEOPOLDO GARciA-COLIN SCHERER Medal Lecture, delivered by Prof. Nicholas G. van Kampen, a series of plenary talks by Leopoldo Garcia­ CoHn, GUnter Nimtz, Luis F. Rodriguez, Ruoon Barrera, and Donald Saari, and of three parallel symposia, namely, Cosmology and Gravita­ tion, Statistical Physics and Beyond, and Hydrodynamics and Dynam­ ical Systems. The response from the Physics community was enthusi­ astic, with over 200 participants and around 80 speakers, from all over the world: USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Holland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, and Hungary. The main aim of the conference is to provide a scenario to Mexican researchers on the topics of Mathematical and Experimental Physics in order to keep them in contact with work going on in other parts of the world and at the same time to motivate and support the young and mid­ career researchers from our country. To achieve this goal, we decided to invite as lecturers the most distinguished experts in the subjects of the conference and to give the opportunity to young scientist to communi­ cate the results of their work. The plan is to celebrate this international endeavor every three years.

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