The Bereitschaftspotential

Movement-Related Cortical Potentials
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Mark Hallett
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Introduction. The Bereitschaftspotential: What does it measure and where does it come from? M. Jahanshahi, M. Hallett.
From Surface to Depth Electrodes. Surface recordings of the Bereitschaftspotential in normals; W. Lang. The Bereitschaftspotential and the conscious will/intention to act; B. Libet. Generator mechanisms of the Bereitschaftspotentials as studied by epicortical recording in patients with intractable partial epilepsy; A. Ikeda, H. Shibasaki. Intracerebral recordings of the Bereitschaftspotential and related potentials in cortical and subcortical structures in human subjects; I. Rektor.
Dipole Source Modeling and the Generators of the Bereitschaftspotential. Distributed source modeling in the analysis of movement-related activity; R. Kristeva-Feige. Recordings of the movement-related potentials combined with PET, fMRI or MEG; C.D. MacKinnon. Generators of the movement-related cortical potentials and dipole source analysis; K. Toma, M. Hallett.
The Bereitschaftspotential in Patient Groups. Surface recordings in patients with movement disorders and the impact of subcortical surgery; P. Praamstra, M. Jahanshahi, J.C. Rothwell. The Bereitschaftspotential in schizophrenia and depression; K.P. Westphal. Movement-related cortical potentials in patients with focal brain lesions; C. Gerloff.
Other Related EEG Measures. Movement and ERD/ERS; G. Pfurtscheller, C. Neuper. CNV and SPN: Indices of anticipatory behavior; C.H.M. Brunia. The lateralized readiness potential; M. Eimer, M.G.H. Coles.
Other Approaches to Measuring Motor Preparation. Movement selection, preparation, and the decision to act: neurophysiological studies in nonhuman primates; S. Wise. Movement preparation: neuroimaging studies; I. Toni, R. Passingham.
Finale. Human freedom, reasoned will, and the brain: the Bereitschaftspotential story; L. Deecke, H.H. Kornhuber.
Kornhuber and Deecke first recorded and reported the Bereitschaftspotential in 1964. The aim of this book is to bring together in a single volume some of the important research on the Bereitschaftspotential and other movement-related cortical potentials and to highlight and address some of the pertinent questions relating to the Bereitschaftspotential and to identify the key issues for future investigation in this field.
This book represents a unique compilation of information about the Bereitschaftspotential and related cortical potentials and techniques for measuring preparatory processes in the brain. The book will be of interest to motor physiologists, psychologists and neurologists working in clinical or research laboratories.

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