Reviews of Plasma Physics
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Reviews of Plasma Physics

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Vitaly D. Shafranov
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Plasma Models Of Atom And Radiative-Collisional Processes; V.A. Astapenko, L. A. Bureyeva, V.S. Lisitsa. 1. Introduction. 2. Plasma characteristics of atoms in phenomenological and kinetic models of atoms. Dynamic polarizability of atomic structures. 3. Static and polarization radiative channels in collision of charged particles with atoms and plasmas. 4. Plasma models for photoionization of atoms and ions. 5. Bremsstrahlung and photorecombination of moderate energy electrons on multielectron atoms and ions. 6. Polarization channels of fast particle radiation on atoms, in plasma, and in a dense medium. 7. Polarization - interference phenomena in radiation of thermal electrons in a low-temperature plasma. 8. Polarization radiation and absorption in a laser field. 9. Polarization radiation, Compton scattering and collisional ionization. Cross section relationship, similarity laws, new ionization cross section data. 10. Experimental aspects. 11. Conclusion.
Asymptotic Theory Of Charge Exchange And Mobility Processes For Atomic Ions; B.M. Smirnov. 1. Introduction. 2. Asymptotic theory of the interaction of atomic ions with parent atoms at large separations. 3. Asymptotic theory of resonant charge exchange process. 4. Mobility of atomic ions in gases. 5. Conclusions.
Reviews of Plasma Physics, Volume 23, presents two high quality reviews from the cutting-edge of Russian plasma physics research:
"Plasma Models of Atom and Radiative-Collisional Processes", by V.A. Astapenko, L.A. Bureyeva, V.S. Lisitsa, is devoted to a unified description of the atomic core polarization effects in the free-free, free-bound and bound-bound transitions of the charged particles in the field of multielectron atom.

"Asymptotic Theory of Charge Exchange And Mobility Processes for Atomic Ions" by B.M. Smirnov reviews the process of resonant charge exchange, and also the transport processes (mobility and diffusion coefficients) for ions in parent gases which are determined by resonant electron transfer.

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