Particles and Fields 2

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I - Lectures.- Unification.- An Introduction to Perturbative QCD.- Hadronic Wave Functions in QCD.- Hadronic Wavefunctions and High Momentum Transfer Interactions in Quantum Chromodynamics.- Are Quarks and Leptons Composite?.- Kaluza-Klein Theory and the Positive Energy Theorem.- Recent Results from PETRA.- Recent Results from Beauty full CESR.- e+e? Physics at 100 GeV.- Experimental Status of Gauge Theories.- Aspects of the Lepton Generation Puzzle.- II - Seminars.- Initial State Interactions, Factorization and the Drell-Yan Process.- Status of Theories of CP Noninvariance.- Are Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions Unified?.- Small $$ar{ heta }$$ and an Invisible Axion as Automatic Consequences of Grand Unification.- Flavor Mixings and Flavor Unifications.- On the Accuracy of One Part in 1012.- Supersymmetry and Cosmology.- Hadron Production at PETRA.- Monopoles and Bubbles in the Early Universe.- Gauge Theories of Quark Confinement in 2+1 Dim: A Comparative Study of SU(2) Yang-Mills and Yang-Mills-Higgs Systems.- Participants.
Particle physics seems to be entering a new period of consoli­ dation. In 1977 when the first summer institute on particles and fields was held at the Banff Center, the standard model of the electro-weak interaction was a promising model more or less con­ firmed; today it seems quite well-confirmed. QCD was considered as probably the correct theory of strong interactions; today most theo­ rists take it for granted. What seems to be lacking are computa­ tional tools and strenuous experimental testing; the major ideas seem to exist. Thus, this is a particularly auspicious time for a review of the status of theoretical and experimental particle physics and field theory. The lectures collected in this volume were presented from August 16 to August 27, 1981 at the Banff Center in Banff, Canada. The unifying theme was gauge fields and the topics covered dealt with electro-weak interactions, Q.C.D., sub-quarks and unified theories. The format of the Institute was as follows: thirteen lecture series of two to four hours each given by S. Brodsky, D. Bryman, M. Chen, S. Coleman, M. Creutz, H. Harari, J. Iliopoulos, C.H. Llewellyn­ Smith, P. Lepage, D. Perkins and L. Susskind. In addition there were nine seminars (one hour each) given by G. Bodwin, G. Bunce, M.

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