A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Controversies in the Management of Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer: The Magnitude of the Problem in the United States.- Incidence, Survival and Mortality Trends in Prostate Cancer.- Localized Disease.- Incidental Cancer.- Diagnosis of Stage A Prostate Cancer in the People's Republic of China.- Prevention of Prostatic Carcinogenesis - Is it Realistic?.- Tumor Volume and Natural History of Stage A1 and A2 Disease.- The Proto-Biology of Prostate Cancer.- The Classification and Prognosis of Untreated Stage A1 and A2 Prostate Cancer with a Comparison of Their Histologic Findings at Radical Prostatectomy.- Role of Histology in Selecting Treatment for Stage A1 and Stage A2 Disease.- Panel Discussion: Management of Stages A1 and A2 Disease.- Management of Clinically Manifest Stages B1 and B2 Disease.- External Beam Irradiation of Prostatic Cancer.- Long-Term Results After Combined Radioactive Gold Seed Implantation and External Beam Radiotherapy for Localized Prostatic Cancer.- Radical Prostatectomy for the Treatment of Localized Prostatic Cancer.- Panel Discussion: Management of Stages B1 and B2 Disease.- Invasive Disease.- Stages C, D0, and D1 Disease.- Adjuvant Radiotherapy Following Radical Prostatectomy: Results and Complications.- Treatment of Patients with Positive Margins.- The Long-Term Success of Local Radiation Therapy in Preventing Tumor Regrowth in the Treated Field.- Is Salvage Prostatectomy a Benefit?.- Accuracy of Grading and Staging Prostate Cancer.- Radical Prostatectomy and the Influence of Early Endocrine Therapy for Stage D1 Prostate Cancer: Long-Term Follow-Up Study.- Panel Discussion: Management of Stages C, D0 and D1 Disease.- Hormonal Treatment Approaches to D2 Disease.- The Case for Total Androgen Blockade in the Management of Metastatic Prostate Cancer.- Hormonal Therapy of Prostate Cancer: Limitations in the Total Androgen Ablation Concept.- Comparison of Total Androgen Blockade and Orchiectomy in Metastatic Cancer of Prostate.- A Randomized Prospective Evaluation of Leuprolide Versus Diethylstilbestrol in the Treatment of Stage D2 Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Results of a Multicenter Study.- Panel Discussion: Hormonal Treatment Approaches to D2 Disease.- Approaches to Discovering More Effective Treatments for Prostate Cancer.- Approaches to Discovering More Effective Treatments for Prostate Cancer - Early Diagnosis and Screening.- Clinical Trial Design for Cytotoxics in Prostate Cancer.- Panel Discussion: New Approaches.- Summations, Perspectives and Future Needs.- Committee Reports.- Excerpts of Minutes of Prostrate Cancer Working Group Committee Meeting on Diagnostic Nomenclature.- Grading Prostate Cancer - "As is our Pathology, So is Our Practice".- Organ Systems Program Staging Classification for Prostate Cancer.- Response/Progression Criteria for Evaluating Prostate Cancer.- Guidelines for Reporting Studies of Treatment for Prostatic Cancer.- National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Statement.- The Management of Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer.- Participants and Contributors.
These proceedings emanate from the Second Prouts Neck Conference on prostate cancer held on October 17-19, 1986, the theme of which was treat­ ment, with focus on current issues and future research that is needed to answer critical questions related to optimal management of the various stages of prostate cancer. The objective was to reveal the most crucial problems impeding progress and to crystallize the combined multidisci­ plinary input generated by the conference into focused concepts or recommendations for presentation to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) , with the ultimate intent of targeting research to address the priority issues identified. In organizing the workshop, every effort was made to maintain a multidisciplinary balance among nationally renowned authorities on prostate cancer. Thus, leading surgeons, radiation and medical onco­ logists and biostatisticians were in equal presence. While there were spirited exchanges with careful scrutiny and critique of all data pre­ sented, there was a common belief that the challenge of prostate cancer would be best approached in this multidisciplinary Organ Systems-oriented fashion. During the course of the conference, it became apparent to all present that major nomenclature and procedural barriers have made it generally difficult, and frequently impossible, to compare results of clinical research.

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