Nuclear Structure and Function
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Nuclear Structure and Function

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J. R. Harris
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The Putative Transposable Element T14 is Located on a Y Chromosomal Lampbrush Loop and Other Genomic Sites and is Transcribed in the Germ Line of Drosophila Hydei.- DNA Sequence-Specific Location of Covalent DNA-Polypeptide Complexes in Eukaryotic Genomes.- Mink Sau Repeat: Structural Analysis and Genome Distribution.- Structure of the Plant Mitochondrial Genome and Light-Regulated Transcription of the Mitochondrial Genes.- Role of Damage of Skeletal Structures in the Induction of Chromosome Aberrations.- Possible Functional Structures in the Chromomere.- Rat DNA Fingerprinting for Rattus Norvegicus: A New Approach in Genetic Analysis.- The Extracellular Lymphocyte and Blood Plasma DNAs Contain the Discrete Size Molecules Homologous to the Ck Fragment of the Ig Gene.- Non-Random Distribution of Alu-Family DNA Repeats in Human Chromosomes.- Isolation and Properties of a Novel Specific Fraction of Chromosomal DNA from Human, Drosophila and Plant Cells.- Structural Elements of Balbiani Ring BRa of Chironomus Thummi.- Role of Specific Protein S-S Bonds in the Quasisubunit Structure of Chromosomal DNA.- An Aspect of Genome Variability: Retrotransposons (MDG1 Copies) in the Euchromatin and Heterochromatin of Drosophila Melanogaster.- IS Elements in Agrobacterium Temefaciens Strains and Their Putative Implications in Horizontal Gene Transfer to Plants.- Functional Analysis of the Nucleolin Gene Promoter from the Mouse.- Expression of Ribosomal Protein Genes in Xenopus Development.- Ribosomal Protein Genes in Xenopus Laevis: Organization, Structure and Identification of the cis-Element Responsible for Their Translational Control.- Expression of Nucleoprotein mRNAs during Rat Spermiogenesis.- Splicing Control and Nucleus/Cytoplasm Compartmentalization of Ribosomal Protein L1 RNA in X. Laevis Oocytes.- Genetic Analysis of Spermatogenesis in Drosophila Hydei: Male Sterile Mutations Affecting Nuclear Development during the Primary Spermatocyte Stage.- The Study of the Influence of cis-Regulatory Sequences and trans-Regulatory Factors of Eucaryotes on CAT Gene Expression in X. Laevis Oocytes.- The Detection of Noncanonical Conformation Regions in DNA from Eukaryotic Cells.- Characterization of Cytoplasmic Low-Molecular-Mass RNA Complementary Associated with Poly(A)+ RNA from Rat Liver.- In Vitro Amplification of the Human Insulin Gene.- Chromosomes E and S in the Oogenesis of the Gall Midge.- Nuclear Reprogramming in Bovine Embryos after Nuclear Transplantation.- Cell Differentiation According to Maturation of Nucleolar Apparatus and Topography of Ribosomal Genes.- Gene Families Coding for the Eye Lens Proteins of Cephalopods.- Loach (Misgurnus Fossilis) Oocyte 5S rRNA Genes: Heterogeneity of Primary Structure and Location of a Transcription Stimulatory Signal in Their Upstream Spacer.- Nucleolar DNA Distribution and Its Consequences for the Interpretation of Nucleolar Components.- Effects of Topoisomerase I Inhibition of Nucleolar Structure and Function.- Localization of DNA and Characterization of Argyrophilic Structures within Nucleolar Components during Interphase and Mitosis in Leukemia Cell Lines.- Relationship between the Ag-NOR Proteins and the Functional Changes in Nucleoli of the Rat Hepatocytes Stimulated by Cortisol and by Partial Hepatectomy.- Origin and Ultrastructural Cytochemistry of the Extranucleolar Bodies at the Preovulatory Follicle Stage and during Rat Oocyte Maturation.- Spatial Distribution of DNA and Histones within Ehrlich Tumor Cell Nuclei by Immunoelectron Microscopy.- Electron Microscope Localization of Ribosomal RNA and DNA after In Situ Hybridization.- DNA Methylation and Experimentally Induced Nucleolar Dominance.- Peculiarities of Silver-Staining of Nucleolar Organizer Regions in Chromosomes of Human Permanent Cell Lines at the Light Microscopical and Ultrastructural Level.- Morphofunctional Characteristics of Silver-Stained Nucleoli in Human Normal and Pathological Cells.- Nucleologenesis in Cow Embryo: Relation between Onset of Transcription and Penetration of DNA into Nucleolar Precursor Body.- Structural Transitions in Mammalian Cell Nucleoli Concomitant to Ribosomal Gene Activation and Inactivation.- Nucleolar Changes in Hypotonic Treatment and the Possibility of Isolation of Nucleolar Fibrillar Complexes.- Transcriptionally Active Amphibian Oocyte Nucleolar Chromatin Is Organized in Higher Order Structure.- Nucleolar Organizing Region (NOR) and Argentophilic Nuclear Proteins in Fertilization and Induced Parthenogenesis.- The Competitive Regulation of Nucleolar Activity in an Interphase Nucleus Revealed by UV-Microirradiation of the Nucleoli.- Ag-Positive Nucleolar Organizer Regions in Interphase Blast Cells in Acute Leukemias.- Polymorphism and the Regularities in the Inheritance of Human Nucleolus Organizer Chromosomes.- Satellite Nucleoli in Blastic Cells of Human Acute Leukemias.- Studies on the Distribution and Cytochemistry of Nucleolar Silver Stained Proteins in Ring Shaped Nucleoli.- Implications for the Function-Structure Relationship in the Nucleolus after Immunolocalization of DNA in Onion Cells.- Biotechnology and Human Tumor Nucleolar Antigens.- Origin of Isoforms and Interaction with Nucleic Acids.- Nucleolin Maturation and rRNA Synthesis during Xenopus Laevis Development.- Localization of Non-Histone Nuclear Proteins by Immunocytochemistry in Somatic Embryos and Pollen Grains.- The 'Argentaffin' Reaction of the Nucleolus. Silver Reducing Sites after Mercuric Acetate and Copper Tetrammine Treatments.- Immunochemical Identification of a Novel Nuclear RNP Complex of 70-110S from Rat Liver.- Visualization of Chromatin Arrangement in Giant Nuclei of Mouse Trophoblast by Videomicroscopy and Laser Scanning Microscopy.- Effects of a DNA Intercalator, Ethidium Bromide on Chromatin Structure of Chicken Erythrocyte.- The Fine Structure of Native DNA Studied with the Scanning Tunneling Microscope.- Cytochemistry and Immunology of Some Nuclear Proteins in a Primative Dinoflagellate.- Higher Order Chromatin Structure in Transcriptionally Active and Inactive Cells.- Chromomere - The Structural Unit of the Chromatin in the Interphase Nucleus.- An Immunoelectronmicroscopic Analysis of the Organization Levels of the Metaphase Chromosomes.- The Effect of Sulfhydryl-Oxidizing and Sulfhydryl-Blocking Reagents on Chromatin Preparations.- Fractionation and Analysis of DNA Molecules Differing in Their Attachment to the Nuclear Interior.- Plant Nuclear Matrix Effects of Different Extraction Procedures on Its Structural Organization and Chemical Composition.- Synthesis and Phosphorylation of the 125 K Nuclear Matrix Protein Mitotin during the Cell Cycle.- Identification of Myosin-Like Proteins in Cell Nuclei, Their Interaction with Chromatin Components.- DNA Sequences Nonrandomly Distributed in Respect to Rat Liver Nuclear Matrix.- DNA-Folding by a Stably DNA-Linked Protein in Eukaryotic Chromatin.- Structural Changes of Nucleosomes at the Sites of Non-Ribosomal RNA Transcription.- A Fragment of Chicken Nuclear Matrix-Associated DNA Can Maintain Autonomous Replication of Plasmids in Mammalian Cells.- Histone H1-Specific and DNA-Activated Proteinase Is Associated with the Nuclear Matrix from Rat Liver.- High Molecular Weight Proteins of Tumor Nuclear Matrix.- MAP-2-Like DNA Binding Protein: Monoclonal Antibody Recognizes Ubiquitous Protein of Internal Filaments of Nuclear Matrix.- Disconnection of DNA Domains in Quiescent and Differentiating Cells.- Heat Shock Proteins Associated with Nuclear Structures.- Characterization of the DNA Pattern in the Vicinity of a Replication Origin Located Upstream from the Domain of Chicken ?-Globin Genes.- Parameters of Xenopus rDNA Transcription in Microinjected Oocytes.- Transcriptional Activity of the 5? Region of the Xenopus Laevis R-Protein Gene L1.- Correlation between Changes in Sphingomyelinase Activity and Level of Nucleic Acid Synthesis in Cell Nuclei of Regenerating Rat Liver.- Role of Lipids in Functional Activity of Cell Nucleus.- Roles of DNA Topoisomerases I and II in DNA Replication Mitotic Chromosome Formation, and Recombination in Mammalian Cells.- Effects of DRB on the Ultrastructural Organization and RNA Metabolism of Plant Nucleus.- Replication Time of DNA Sequences Related to G1 Progression in Meristematic Cells.- Nuclear Liver Protein Interaction with the Rat Tryptophan Oxygenase (TO) Gene Fragments Including the DNase I Hypersensitive Sites 'Poised' for Transcriptional Induction.- The snRNA and Regulation of the Early Development in Teleosts.- Differences in Transcription Activity and Replication Time of rRNA Genes in a Pair of Heteromorphic Nucleolar Organizing Chromosomes in Transformed Kidney Cells of the African Green Monkey (RAMT Strain).- Reactivation of Latent Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus in Silkworm.- New Structural Elements of Poly(A)-Containing RNAs in Mouse Cells.- Gibberellin-Binding Proteins of Higher Plant Cell Nuclei.- Developmental Expression of Proto-Oncogene c-erb-A Related Genes Encoding Nuclear Receptors in Xenopus.- The Secondary Structure Model of Mouse U1 snRNA as Determined from the Results of Pb-Induced Hydrolysis.- Age-Specific Differences in the Metabolism of Nuclear Phospholipid Fatty Acid Components.- Changes in Lipid Metabolism in Rat Liver Cell Nuclei during Superexpression of Nuclear Oncogenes.- Role of Phospholipids on Nuclear Structure and Function.- The Chromatoid Body in Spermatogenesis: Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Transport of Haploid Gene Products and Its Cytoskeletal Regulation.- Selective Staining of DNA at the Ultrastructural Level after Alkaline Hydrolysis.- Ultrastructural Changes in Nuclei within HIV-1-Induced Cultured Cell Syncytia.- An Electron Microscopic Study of the Structural Mechanisms of Hybrid Nucleus Formation during Spontaneous Splenocyte-Fibroblast Fusion.- Nuclear Compartmentalization in Pollen Mother Cells during Meiotic Prophase.
This collection of 101 short communications, submitted by some of the participants at the 11th Nuclear Workshop held in Suzdal, USSR, 18-23 September, 1989, provides a representative survey of the material presented at the Workshop. Articles have been submitted by both those who delivered lectures and those who had poster presentations. The order of presentation at the Nuclear Workshop is roughly maintained within this proceedings book, but the session titles within the scientific program have not been utilized as discrete subdivisions within the book, because of the considerable overlap of subject matter. The overall sequence is as follows: Genome structure, Gene Structure and Expression, Nucleolar Genes, Structure and Proteins, Chromatin and Nuclear Granules, Nuclear Matrix and Nuclear Proteins, Replication and Transcription and finally Nuclear Envelope and Nuclear Cytoplasmic Transport. Several articles on Nuclear Lipids are also included, stemming from an evening round-table discussion on lipids. The third Wilhelm Bernhard Lecture was delivered in Suzdal by Professor Harris Busch, who can be seen in the photograph above (on the left) in the presence of Professor Ilya B. Zbarsky, President of the organizing committee for the 11th Nuclear Workshop. (Previous Wilhelm Bernhard lecturers have been Ronald H. Reeder, in Krakow, Poland, 1985 and Oscar L. Miller, Jr. , in Stevensbeek, The Netherlands, in 1987).

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