Advances in Cryogenic Engineering

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A.- Half Century of Superfluid Helium.- Fifty Years of Superfluid Helium.- Understanding Some of the Mysteries of Superfluid Helium.- Discovery and Properties of Quantized Vortices in Helium II.- Early Superfluidity in Cambridge, 1936 to 1939.- Mendelssohn and Superfluid Helium Film Work at the Clarendon Laboratory.- Development of the theory of Superfluidity in the USSR: Some Remarks.- He II Technology Development in Japan.- Tore Supra and He II Cooling of Large High Field Magnets.- Science and Applications of He-II in Space.- The Thermo-Mechanical Effect of Superfluid Helium and its Technical Application.- Heat and Mass Transfer in Helium.- Numerical Studies on the Influence of Superfluid Turbulence on Heat Transfer in Liquid He II.- The Evolution of Axisymmetric Heat Pulses in He II - Critical Heat Flux and Heating Time.- Some Results on the Heat Transfer in Solid-Liquid He II.- Transient Heat Transfer to Superfluid Liquid Helium.- Mathematical Simulation of Nonstationary Thermal State of Superfluid Helium in Channel.- Numerical Computation of Thermal Shock Wave in He II.- Experiments on the Breakdown of Heat Transfer in Liquid Helium II.- Heat Transfer Related to Superconducting Magnet Stability: He II-He I Dynamic Limits.- Dynamic and Transient Stability of He II Cooled Conductors.- Design and Performance of Forced-Flow He II Heat Exchangers.- The Liquid/Vapor Phase Boundary in a Porous Plug.- Superfluid Transition of 4He Films Adsorbed in Porous Superleaks.- Pressure Drop of He II Flow Through a Porous Media.- Active Phase Separation of He II Using Porous Media.- Non-Linear Porous Plug Heat Flow: Large Pore Limit Versus Size-Dependent Flux Density.- The Fountain Effect in Aerospace Cryogenics.- Fountain Effect Pump Driven Helium Flow at Steady and Unsteady Heat Load.- He II Flow Phenomena Through Fountain Effect Pump Element.- Measurements of the Critical Velocity of Hydraulic Cavitation in Superfluid 4He.- A Thin Film Flowmeter for Use in Liquid Helium II.- Laser Doppler Velocimeter Measurement of Thermal Counterflow Jet in He II.- Application of He II: Cooling Superconducting Devices.- Operational Experience with the 1.75 K Tore Supra Refrigerator.- A Large 1.8 K Facility for Magnet Tests.- 2.0 K Cebaf Cryogenics.- Production of Pressurized Superfluid Helium II by Directly Compressing Saturated Superfluid Helium II.- Applications of He II: Superfluids in Space.- Thermal Design and Test of Irts Cryostat.- Computer Based Control of the Superfluid Helium on-Orbit Transfer Space Shuttle Experiment.- Superfluid Helium Onorbit Resupply.- A Design and Critical Technology Issues for on-Orbit Resupply of Superfluid Helium.- Experimental Verification of a Tank to Tank He II Transfer Model with Trade Study Results.- A Conceptual Study for a Superfluid Helium Tanker (Sfht).- Comparison of SIRTF Dewar Performance in the 900 km and 100,000 km Orbits.- Testing and Application of a Motorized Valve for the Containment of Superfluid Helium.- Heat Transfer to Liquid Helium and Liquid Nitrogen.- An Experimental Study of Free Convection in Horizontal Tubes with Different End Temperatures.- Effect of System Pressure and Liquid Subcooling on Quasi-Steady Nucleate Boiling and its Life for Liquid Helium I.- Transient Heat Transfer into Liquid Helium under Controlled Heat Generation.- Numerical Analysis of Heating Induced Transient Flow in Supercritical Helium.- Onset of Nucleate and Film Boiling Resulting from Transient Heat Transfer to Liquid Hydrogen.- Heat Transfer in Pressurized Liquid Hydrogen at Low Values of Film ?T.- An Experimental Investigation of Film-Condensation Heat Transfer of Hydrogen in a Vertical Tube.- Evaluation of a Novel Enhanced Boiling Surface in Cryogenic Liquids.- Heterogeneous Spontaneous Nucleation Temperature on Solid Surface in Liquid Nitrogen.- Transient Heat Transfer in Liquid Nitrogen.- Operating Characteristics of Two-Phase Nitrogen Thermosyphons.- An Experimental Study of Gas Spring Heat Transfer in Reciprocating Cryogenic Machinery.- Qualitative Investigation of Cryogenic Fluid Injection into a Supersonic Flow Field.- Multi-Layer Insulation.- Experimental Studies of MLI Systems at Very Low Boundary Temperatures.- Thermal Performance Measurements of a 100 Percent Polyester MLI System for the Superconducting Super Collider; Part I: Instrumentation and Experimental Preparation (300 K - 80 K).- Thermal Performance Measurements of a 100 Percent Polyester MLI System for the Superconducting Super Collider; Part II: Laboratory Results (300 K - 80 K).- A Blanket Design, Apparatus, and Fabrication Techniques for the Mass Production of Multilayer Insulation Blankets for the Superconducting Super Collider.- Applications of Superconductivity: Magnets and Other Devices.- Experience in the Operation of the International Fusion Superconducting Magnet Test Facility.- Development of Superconducting Magnet Systems for MRI.- Superconducting Machinery for Ship Propulsion.- Superconducting Magnet Systems for Physical Research.- Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage and Other Large-Scale SDI Cryogenic Applications Programs.- Superconductor Magnetic Energy Storage for Power System Control.- Design of a 200 kA Conductor for Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES).- Magnetic Field and Force Calculations for an SSC Detector Solenoid Using a Commercial Finite Element Code.- Structural Performance of the First SSC Design B Dipole Magnet.- Quench Characteristics of Full-Length SSC R&D Dipole Magnets.- Tests of High Gradient Superconducting Quadrupole Magnets for the Tevatron.- Epoxy Impregnated Solenoid Coil Training Dependence on Boundary Forces and Peak Field.- Performance of Nb3Sn Tape Magnet Cooled by Indirect Conduction Method.- Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide Superconducting to Normal Transition Characterization for a Solenoid Configuration.- A Self-Rotating Magnet Levitating Above a YBCO Specimen.- New Generation of Superconductive Flux Pumps.- Development of Superconducting AC Fault Current Limiter.- Material Effects on the 4 Kelvin AC Efficiency of Moving Coil Linear Actuators.- High Magnetic Field Shielding Devices with Superconducting NbTi-Cu Multilayer Films.- Thermal Design and Evaluation of the CEBAF Superconducting RF Cavity's Prototype Waveguide.- Applications of Superconductivity; Magnet Stability, Coil Protection.- Stability of Superconducting Magnet Systems Subject to Thermal Disturbances.- Stability of Current-Carrying Elements of Superconducting Magnets to Thermal Disturbances.- Propagatory Velocity of the Normal Zone in a Cable-in-Conduit Conductor.- Theoretical Study of Quench in Superconducting Magnet Systems.- Normal Zone Dynamics in Superconductors with Porous Coatings.- Variational Principle for Critical Heat of Quench in Partially Stabilized Superconducting Magnets.- Frictional Motion of Conductor in Superconducting Magnet and Quantification of Disturbance Energy.- Peculiarities of Void Fraction Measurement Applied to Physical Installation Channels Cooled by Forced Helium Flow.- A New Protection Scheme for High Current Density Magnets.- Applications of Superconductivity: Cryogenic Techniques a Convenient Method for Testing High-Current Superconducting Cables.- A Convenient Method for Testing High-Current Superconducting Cables.- Inductive Energy Insertion for SMES Conductor Stability Testing.- Short Sample Testing Facility for the Superconducting Super Collider: Requirements and Development Status.- A Cryogenic Test Stand for Full Length SSC Magnets with Superfluid Capability.- Retractable Gas Cooled Leads for Astomag.- Low Heat Leak Current Leads for Space Borne Magnets.- Use of Glass Beads to Increase the Breakdown Voltage in Subatmospheric, Cold Helium Gas.- Optimal Design of Cryogenic Bucking Cylinder for Space Borne Toroidal Magnets.- An All-Metal, Reusable, Cryogenic Seal.- Thermal Conduction of SSC Wire.- Minimization of Total Refrigeration Power of Liquid Neon and Nitrogen Cooled Intercepts for SMES Magnets.- Optimal Thermal Design of Helium Dewar with Liquid Nitrogen and Vapourized Helium Cooled Intercepts.- Basic Experiment on the Indirect Cooling for Superconducting Magnets.- Warmup Analysis of the Sultan-III Superconducting Split Coil System.- Refrigeration for Electronics.- Cooling of very Large Focal Plane Arrays.- Cooling of High Power Density Electronic Chips.- Design and Operating Characteristics of an open Cycle Cooling System for Superconducting High Speed Electronics.- A Cryogenic Cycling Apparatus for Superconducting Thin-Film Integrated Circuits.
The 1989 Cryogenic Engineering Conference, meeting jointly with the International Cryogenic Materials Conference, was held on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles from July 24 to 28. Professor T.H.K. Frederking was the conference chairman. The Conference had previously met at U.C.L.A. in 1962 and 1969. A special symposium, "A Half Century of Superfluid Helium," was a significant part of the program of CEC-89. We were especially fortunate to have Professor Jack Allen of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland present at the Conference; his paper, "Early Superfluidity in Cambridge, 1936 to 1939," was a delightful, often humorous account of the early experimental work with superfluid helium. Professors V.L. Ginzburg and J.L. Olesen could not be present for the Symposium, but provided papers which are published in these proceedings. The late Bill Fairbank, responding graciously to a last-minute invitation from Professor Frederking, presented a wonderful account of superfluid research in the United States in the post-war years.

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