Condensed Matter Theories
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Condensed Matter Theories

Volume 5
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Valdir C. Aguilera-Navarro
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Quantum and Classical Fluids.- Thomas-Fermi Equation of State - The Hot Curve.- New Mechanism of Transport Phenomena in Spin-Polarized Quantum Systems.- Correlated Wave Functions Theory of the Spectral Function.- Momentum Distributions in 3He-4He Mixtures.- Finite Temperature Properties for the Electron Gas with Localization up to 3 Dimensions.- Generalized Momentum Distributions of Quantum Fluids.- Ground State Energy and Landau Parameters of Spin-Polarized Deuterium Using Green's Function Methods.- Quantum Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Electron Bubbles in a Dense Helium Gas.- Quantum Liquid Films: A Generic Many-Body Problem.- Structure and Dynamics of Supercooled Fluids.- Correlated RPA Calculations for Model Nuclear Matter.- Theory of the Critical Point of He4.- Correlations and Momentum Distribution in the Ground State of Liquid 3He.- Optimized 4He Wave Functions Using Monte Carlo Integration.- The Normal Phase of a Correlated Bose Fluid.- A New Approach to Excited States in 4He: Rotons and Vortices.- Superconductivity.- Vibrational Density-of-States, Isotope Effect, and Superconductivity in Ba1-xKxBiO3 Cubic Oxides.- Variational Monte-Carlo Study of Superconductivity and Magnetism in the Two-Dimensional Hubbard Model.- Finite-Temperature Many-Body Perturbation Theory for Superconducting Fermion Systems.- Abnormal Occupation, Tighter-Bound Cooper Pairs and High Tc Superconductivity.- On the Role of Electron-Medium Coupling in High Temperature Superconductors.- Correlated Spin-Density-Wave Theory.- Composites, Magnetism, Semiconductors and Plasmas.- Effective Dielectric Response of Composites: A New Diagramatic Approach.- The Trajectories of Magnetic Field Lines in Tokamaks with Helical Windings.- Spin-Splitted Phase Transition in the Quantized Hall Effect in Narrow-Gap Hg(1-x) CdxTe Inversion Layers.- High Magnetic Susceptibility Liquid Metals.- Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei.- Translationally-Invariant Coupled Cluster Theory Applied to the 4He Nucleus.- Electron Correlations in Atoms.- The Foundation of the Nuclear Shell Model.- Developments in Multireference Coupled-Cluster Applications to Molecular Systems.- Formal Methods.- On the Bargmann Space Approach to the Extended Coupled Cluster Method for Simple Anharmonic Systems.- Quantum Many-Body Systems: Orthogonal Coordinates.- Dissipative Evolutions in Quantum Mechanics.- Extended Coupled Cluster Techniques for Excited States: Applications to Quasispin Models.- Temporal Evolution of Fluctuations.- Squeezed States Representation: An ?-Expansion of Statistical Mechanics.- Maximum Entropy Principle and Quantum Mechanics.- Baym-Kadanoff Theory Made Even Planar.- Contributors and Participants.
This volume gathers the invited talks of the XIII International Work­ shop on Condensed Matter Theories which took place in Campos do Jordao near Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 6-12, 1989. It contains contributions in a wide variety of fields including neutral quantum and classical fluids, electronic systems, composite materials, plasmas, atoms, molecules and nuclei, and as this year's workshop reflected the natural preoccupation in materials science with its spectacular prospect for mankind, room tempera­ ture super-conductivity. All topics are treated from a common viewpoint: that of many-body physics, whether theoretical or simu1ational. Since the very first workshop, held at the prestigious Instituto de Fisica Teorica in Sao Paulo, and organized by the same organizer of the 1989 workshop, Professor Valdir Casaca Aguilera-Navarro, the meeting has taken place annually six times in Latin America, four in Europe and three in the United States. Its principal objective has been to innitiate and nurture collaborative research networks of scientists interested in the IDultidisciplinary aspects of many-body theory applied to problems in con­ densed-matter physics. Financial as well as moral support is gratefully appreciated by all: of the CLAF in Rio, the CNPq in Brasilia, the FAPESP and the FUNDUNESP in Sao Paulo, and the U.S. Army Research Office in Durham, NC, USA.

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