Antiproton-Nucleon and Antiproton-Nucleus Interactions
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Antiproton-Nucleon and Antiproton-Nucleus Interactions

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F. Bradamante
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I QCD And Theoretical Description of NN? Interaction.- Lattice QCD: why and how.- Antiproton annihilation in quantum chromodynamics.- Baryon-antibaryon nuclear interactions.- A review of NN? annihilation mechanisms.- Exclusive production of heavy flavours in proton-antiproton collisions.- pp? annihilation into vector mesons and into ???, KK? ?, ?? and KK? in the 3P0 model.- Protonium annihilation into two mesons.- Polarization in the pp?-elastic scattering near threshold.- Nucleon electromagnetic form-factor in the time-like region near NN? threshold.- II Experimental Aspects of NN? Scattering.- Measurement of spin parameters.- Antiproton-proton cross sections at small momenta.- Comparison of d?/d? and Aon results in pp? scattering with model predictions.- Measurement of spin dependent observables in the p?-p elastic scattering from 450 to 700 MeV/c.- Study of the spin structure of the pp? ? nn? channel at LEAR.- Total and differential cross sections for the reaction pp? ? ???.- Spin observables in the reaction pp? ? ???.- III Antinucleon-Nucleus: Theory.- Antiproton-nucleus interaction elastic scattering and atomic bound states.- Deep antiproton annihilations on nuclei.- Antiprotonic atoms with a deformed nucleus.- Antiproton-nucleus scattering.- IV Antinucleon-Nucleus: Phenomenology and Experimental Results.- Antiprotonic atoms.- Analysis of p?-nucleus elastic scattering and reaction cross sections with a Glauber model.- Antiproton-helium annihilation around 1 MeV.- Isospin effects in antiproton-nucleus annihilation.- Low energy antiproton interaction with Ne nuclei.- Measurement of analysing power of p?C elastic scattering at LEAR.- V Machine Developments.- LEAR in the nineties.- Participants.
The third course of the International School on Physics with Low Energy Antiprotons was held in Erice, Sicily at the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, from 10 to 18 June, 1988. The School is dedicated to physics accessible to experiments using low energy antiprotons, especially in view of operation of the LEAR facility at CERN with the upgraded antiproton source AAC (Antiproton Accumulator AA and Antiproton Collector ACOL). The first course in 1986 covered topics related to fundamental symmetries; the second course in 1987 focused on spectroscopy of light and heavy quarks. This book con­ tains the Proceedings of the third course, devoted to the experimental and theoretical aspects of the interaction of antinucleons with nucleons and nuclei. The Proceedings contain both the tutorial lectures and contributions presented by participants during the School. The papers are organized in several sections. The first section deals with the theoretical aspects of NN scattering and annihilation, and the underlying QCD. The experimental techniques and results concerning NN scattering are contained in Section II. Section III contains theoretical reviews and contributions on anti­ proton-nucleus scattering and bound states. Section IV is devoted to the experimental results on the antiproton­ nucleus systems and their phenomenological analysis. Finally, some possible developments of the antiproton machines are presented.

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