You Never Know What You Don't Know: The Unwritten Rule of Business from A to Z

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It's as Easy as A-B-C... Common sense isn't automatic-it has to be learned. You Never Know What You Don't Know is a rare primer, designed to provide proven techniques that help young professionals discover and refine the art of getting along with their bosses, co-workers, and business colleagues. Each of the 26 chapters corresponds to a letter of the alphabet and each imparts time-tested wisdom that makes navigating office politics and skilful handling of work relationships accessible to all involved.Both managers and front-line workers will appreciate the easy-to-read format. Following narrative examples of problematic scenarios To Think About sections provide insight to enlighten readers on the core issues inherent in common problem areas. Each chapter concludes with a To Do segment that outlines appropriate strategies to nip problems in the bud. Rather than reading the book sequentially, it's easy for readers to pick and choose topics relevant to them at any given time.You Never Know What You Don't Know is sure to smooth operations in any office and improve success at all levels. It's just common sense....
Autor: Patricia Pitsel
Patricia Pitsel holds a PhD in psychology and has worked as an independent management consultant for well over three decades. She has taught management at the University of Calgary and Mt. Royal University and has conducted workshops in communications, time management, team building, and conflict management. A self-proclaimed "sports nut" and holder of Calgary Flames season tickets, Dr. Pitsel finds many useful business analogies in the sports world.As part of her commitment to serve her community, Patricia has also served as a member of the University of Calgary Board of Governors, the Calgary Convention Centre, and the Calgary Police Commission. She has also volunteered as a mental trainer with high-level athletes in a variety of sports including hockey, cycling, track and field, ringette, tennis, and volleyball. She loves animals and enjoys living in the city of Calgary....

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Autor: Patricia Pitsel
ISBN-13 :: 9781460254240
ISBN: 1460254244
Erscheinungsjahr: 20.02.2018
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Sprache: Englisch
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