None of the Above - How the Unaffiliated Are Redefining Religion and Keeping Faith

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The notion of redefining religion's role in our lives is not an academic exercise. It is an urgent modern imperative. This book confronts all religious dogma. It challenges the idea and practice of the need for a middle man between man and God. It invites the reader to consider the modern rise of the "Nones"--the religiously unaffiliated--and to join this magnificent silent social tsunami. It explores with vivid and compelling narrative the story of the Nones showing the who, when, where and how of this revolt against religious corruption and its preoccupation with power, money and politics.

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Autor: Elie Mikhael Nasrallah
ISBN-13 :: 9781460251355
ISBN: 1460251350
Gewicht: 404g
Seiten: 168
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 229x152x13 mm
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