Colourspectrums Personality Styles Book 1: The Introduction

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ColourSpectrums is an exciting leading edge personality styles model presented to groups worldwide in an entertaining, interactive workshop format. Now you too can learn how to use four colours to easily understand personality styles and human dynamics. This engaging process reveals your personality as a unique spectrum of: BLUE emotional intelligence, GREEN intellectual intelligence, RED physical intelligence and YELLOW organizational intelligence. Yup! You are more intelligent than you "think." Discover and celebrate your bright colour strengths. Acknowledge and strengthen your pale colour challenges. ColourSpectrums will help you use all four colours to make more intelligent decisions. Quickly identify anyone's ColourSpectrums personality to communicate and interact more effectively. Immediately enhance your personal effectiveness and improve all personal and professional relationships. ColourSpectrums synthesizes the complex body of work on personality styles into one seamless developmental model with profound implications and practical applications for interpersonal communication, group dynamics, family dynamics, parenting styles, teaching and learning styles, management styles, human resources, career counselling, customer service, decision making, stress management, conflict resolution, human development and much, much more. "So brilliantly simple, it's simply brilliant!" "Profoundly insightful a-ha learning. "Entertaining ha-ha learning." "Hands-on practical and user friendly." "A universal language celebrating diversity." In this ground-breaking series: ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 1: The Introduction ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 2: Stress Management and Conflict Resolution ColourSpectrums Personality Styles Book 3: Brightening Pale Colours
Autor: Rob Chubb
Rob Chubb is the founding director and author of ColourSpectrums. Rob has trained over 1,000 ColourSpectrums facilitators worldwide. He draws from a wealth of practical experience and dynamic presentations to diverse audiences of children, youth and adults including local agencies, national organizations and multinational corporations. Rob is the father of five children and lives with his wife, Laurie, in Sherwood Park, Alberta....

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Autor: Rob Chubb
ISBN-13 :: 9781460249864
ISBN: 1460249860
Erscheinungsjahr: 13.02.2018
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Sprache: Englisch
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