Treasured Tales of Billy and Friends

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Billy is a tiny rocking horse who lives on a farm close to Vancouver, British Columbia. After Billy's friends moved away, a dreary old barn became his new home. One day when Billy was very lonely, he squeezed his eyes tightly and wished he could run and play like a real pony. That night, Magic the Moon arrived with his bag of gold dust. He promised to grant the wish if Billy promised to be home, and in the barn every morning before sunrise. Billy has a new adventure ever evening now. His new friends are always fun and happy, even though they have to wake up to play with him. During the day, while rocking in his old stall, Billy smiles as he remembers the fun he had the night before, and how much he loves his magical life as a real pony.

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Autor: Judy Parrish
ISBN-13 :: 9781460249604
ISBN: 1460249607
Gewicht: 154g
Seiten: 56
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 279x216x4 mm
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