Growing Up Strong

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Most Christian people would acknowledge that spiritual maturity is an important, biblical concept. However, if those same people were asked, "Who believes they are spiritually mature?" it is safe to say that few would raise their hand. While there are good reasons for the hesitancy, if spiritual maturity is part of our doctrine, there must be a way to understand the subject that permits a humble acknowledgement of such a state of maturity. In Growing Up Strong, six foundational concepts are considered: Functional Tension, Collaborative Participation, God Knowledge, Love, the doctrine of Sanctification, and the relationship of emotional maturity to spiritual maturity. These six chapters prepare the way for a working definition in chapter seven of Spiritual Maturity that is both attainable and a work in progress. The emphasis throughout is on the development of the inner life so that what is professed on Sunday becomes increasingly evident in the way we think and behave Monday through Saturday. Chapter eight offers a few practical thoughts for dealing with some common issues; for example, forgiveness and anxiety that present impediments to growth.

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Autor: Roger C. Moyer
ISBN-13 :: 9781460248768
ISBN: 1460248767
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