Self-Esteem as a Factor in Sex

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While evolutionary theory would have us believe that sex is a biological drive to continue the gene pool, I suggest our drive for sex is to meet our need for esteem. Good sex flows from a healthy self-esteem. As an expression of self-esteem sex is necessary so we can feel valued, worthy, and desirable making sex an esteem enhancer. A healthy self-esteem is developed by looking at and exploring issues that make up our personality. This book presents a holistic integration of emotional desire, intimacy, and intellectual stimulation that entails developing respect, courtesy, listening, and seeing our self. If we cannot acknowledge self, how can we acknowledge the other? This book may appeal to those who are clamoring for something on a deep emotional level, estimation.

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Autor: Scott Lobato
ISBN-13 :: 9781460248003
ISBN: 1460248007
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Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Buch, 229x152x10 mm
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