The Abbot

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The Abbot, tasked by his paymasters to recover an aluminium case. Mr. Marc, an MI5 operative and part of the CTO, black operations, also on the hunt for the case. Both killers, both highly trained, driven and motivated. Jenny, an MI5 science officer, who falls in love. Mr Jay an ex SAS soldier now CTO and working in Ulster. All brought together in the maelstrom of post peace process Northern Ireland. Working from a safe house in the sleepy town of Ballyclare, in County Antrim. A blistering, action packed journey through the province with shootings, double cross and intrigue as Counter Terrorist Operations (CTO) meet enemies old and new in an attempt to stop a terrorist outrage. Who is the toughest...Who is the strongest...Who is the Tall Man?

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Autor: David Moore
ISBN-13 :: 9781456793739
ISBN: 145679373X
Gewicht: 172g
Seiten: 152
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 203x127x9 mm
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