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Taking Charge

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Chris OSB Johnson
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This book is about taking charge of your career, and avoiding a line of least resistance. It's over twenty years since people first started to be told by employers, 'it's up to you to manage your own career.' That's precisely what most of us have done - or have we? Too many people follow the line of least resistance when it comes to career choice. They are easily fooled by the milestones on the line of least resistance, and self seduce themselves into thinking that they have a plan. This book helps to distil the complex ideas and issues that we all face in our careers and to take away some of the easy mistakes and confusion that goes with any transition. It offers a pragmatic approach that places you back in charge of your career, to help you to see what is best for you and to help to you to act.Chris's advice is rich in psychological insight and extensive experience of the real-world challenges of forging a career in today's complex organisational world. The book is both tactical and strategic; a plan for immediate action and a guide for your future.

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