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Sailing In Newfoundland and to the Azores

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Neil Hammond Bose
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This is a book of days and moments spent sailing on the east coast of Newfoundland and over the Atlantic to the Azores. Newfoundland is a beautiful cruising ground, one of the best in the world for a short period of the year in July and August, perhaps from late June. Optimistically and romantically, the Bay of Exploits has been called the Caribbean of the north. Many cruising days in summer start from calm in the morning, develop into a strong wind in the afternoon, sometimes as much as 25-30 knots, and drop to a peaceful calm again at the moorings in the evening. It can be sunny and warm throughout. The effect is exaggerated by starting and ending at a really sheltered anchorage, of which there are many on the coast. The book has some factual information on anchorages and passages, but this should be used with the usual caution of any cruising information. Newfoundland has a rugged coast for those who like to be self sufficient and it suits the cruising sailor who does not expect to find a shop, chandlery or restaurant in every harbour. There are places where one can sail for several weeks without seeing another sailing boat.

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