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The Greatest Meeting

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Majid Amini
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The Greatest Meeting This is the saga of the impassioned journeys of two men, their true premonitions of a mystical meeting, and their self-discoveries. Full of compelling adventure, love and betrayal, joy and sadness, their stories have never before been told. This extraordinary true historical novel takes place in Central Asia, and the Middle East; toady's Turkey in the thirteenth century during the tumultuous time of Changiz Khan's conquest.It is an unforgettable detailed narrative account of the lives of an enigmatic giant and legendary mystic figure, Shams-e Tabrizi, and the most renowned religious scholar, Molana Jalaleddin Mohammad-e Rumi. It chronicles the relentless search of a critical and progressive thinker, Shams, to find a true friend, a soul mate, who could give a powerful echo to his voice, to his revolutionary ideas of interpreting religion relevant to our daily earthly existence, of recognizing each human being as the "Supreme Majesty."This remarkable literary work presents the story of Rumi's dream for the ultimate divine illumination, his yearning for some¬thing greater than himself, his intellectual rebirth, and the volcanic artistic eruption that resulted in the incomparable monumental works of poetry: The Collection of Shams-e Tabrizi and Massnavi; comprised of over seventy thousand verses.For over seven centuries, over seventy thousand of Rumi's ingenious and magnificent poems have profoundly taught us all a greater level of self-awareness, and now this work acquaints us with the life of this man, and the enigmatic person who inspired him. An impressive artistic undertaking, lyrical, intelligent, beautifully crafted, paced, this work is enriched by unforgettable characters. From the early chapters to the heartwarming, triumphant, unpredictable and astonishing conclusion, Majid Amini, the author of Escape From Paradise, proves himself a masterful writer. For those who appreciate Rumi's poems and for those unfamiliar with his work, this book is a must read.

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