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New Earth: The Search for Justice

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R. D. Ph. D. Pittman
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2 - DRM Adobe

The second book in the New Earth series picks up where the first book dramatically ended. Alex Hanken now must marshal his resources to thwart the conspirators who have seized the government. The nation is in turmoil, and the world is holding it's breath awaiting what could be a nuclear confrontation between the two powers. The irony is that the opposing forces are on their very own soil.Alex Hanken steps forward in this gripping sequel to track down and prosecute the conspirators while struggling with his conscious. His guilt from his first marriage complicates a new relationship he develops with Dr. Sandra Chenowith. Sandi has a secret past that is laced with intrigue and danger and it could spell doom for Alex.The story takes the reader around the world as the assembled team carries out Alex's desires to right a great wrong brought on the American people. Join Alex, Sandi, his team of FBI and Navy Seals, and the two Russian spies Elena and Andrade, as they discover the cover-up within the cover-up. Since this is the second book in the trilogy, this book takes another dramatic turn at the conclusion.

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