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Soul Trap

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Wayne Sr. Stewart
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Soul Trap took over seven years to research and write. And, it promises to change everything you think you know about God, the Bible, and religion. Then it will change you: epiphanies can be weird like that. Example:1) The mystery behind the numbers 666: solved and revealed!2) The antichrist: solved and revealed!3) The mysteries to the book of Revelation: solved and revealed!4) The secret identity of Satan: solved and revealed!5) The true face of God and or Jesus: solved and revealed!6) The battle of Armageddon: solved and revealed!7) The location of the Garden of Eden: solved and revealed!8) The mystery of the end times (21 DEC 2012:) solved and revealed!9) The mystery to both heaven and hell: solved and revealed!10) The mystery behind the Trinity: solved and revealed!11) What angels are really made of: solved and revealed!12) The riddle to the purpose of life: solved and defined!There's this-and so much more! See Proverbs 3:13. "Happy are they that find wisdom, and them that get understanding. 14 For the merchandise of it is better than silver or fine gold. 15 Wisdom is more precious than rubies: and all the desirable things in life cannot compare to it."

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