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Denise Turney
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Adobe Digital Editions
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2 - DRM Adobe

HAUNTING SUSPENSE NOVELTHAT WILL GRIP YOU FROM THE STARTThrilling murder mystery with a cliffhanger ending! A page turning thriller murder mystery written in the vein of The Lovely Bones, The Changeling and Ghosts, Spiral is a suspenseful murder mystery powered by the unsolved death of a girl who turns up missing in Memphis, Tennessee's Shelby County at the height of the Second World War. SPIRAL HIGHLIGHTS:â¿¿Perfect blend of detective suspense and paranormal thrillerâ¿¿Could two spiritually gifted children hold the keys to this town's future?â¿¿Small town cover-ups with huge consequencesIt's the roaring 1940s. Ethics of Memphis, Tennessee's legal system are once again under tight scrutiny. Judges are blind to the poor who find themselves on the wrong side of rogue lawmakers. Racism is as familiar and brutal as the dangerous, unforgiving currents that run through the Tennessee and Mississippi rivers. HAUNTING TENNESSEE HISTORY - IT'S TIME THE TRUTH WAS TOLDUnethical traditions that the powerful work hard to keep secret, bear a fruit that demand a hard-to-pay price in this murder mystery. In Memphis, Tennessee, communities demand that the guilty be held responsible for their actions. The year is 1944 and a young girl, the daughter of a prominent attorney, has disappeared. What if this new girl's disappearance in this murder mystery is linked to the abandoned girl kept hidden away in one of the Shelby County orphanages, what if the murder mystery has deeper ties to the town's elite than anyone imagined.As the search for the kidnapper unfolds, it becomes hauntingly clear that the attorney's young daughter isn't the only child that's gone missing. Despite relentless efforts to find the girl and stop another kidnapping, it's not until a young African American Tilson girl who hears from the dead gets involved that the crimes start to get solved. Get Spiral and find out what a dead girl, the daughter of a prominent attorney, shares with an unassuming but gifted African American girl, she too the daughter of a prominent, powerful family.

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