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The Rhoedraegon Chronicles: Book Two

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Paul Sr. Alcorn
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2 - DRM Adobe

The Rhoedraegon family, nobles in an empire of more than twenty worlds centered on earth, are embroiled in political and commercial intrigue with the other nobles, commoners who are seeking enfranchisement to have a say in the governing of the empire, and renegade forces who prey on commerce throughout the empire. They are observed by a mysterious outsider who studies them in an attempt to understand their nature and reports back to 'the council' on his progress.The Lord and Lady of Rhoedraegon find themselves deep into the political intrigues of the government as they champion the rights of the commoners to be part of the political process to counter the tyrannical control of the plutocrats who rule the economy and the empire with an iron hand.The four Rhoedraegon children each fight their own battles to discover themselves, Helson through military glory, Matthew through running the family's many commercial interests, Marcus by denying his birthright and becoming a monk of the Church and Samia, who is trying to grow into adulthood without losing her soul. As the political crisis brings on chaos and war, how will they survive?

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