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The Unlikely Prophet

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Craig MD DiPasquale
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"The Unlikely Prophet" is a story of the love, mercy and grace of Jesus Christ and His purpose and calling in the hearts of men. The book reveals how the Lord takes broken vessels and uses them for His glory. It is a story of love between a man and his wife and a story of a family, a story of loss, defeat and victory in Christ.Phillip is the unlikely prophet. By brokenness and faith, he learns to hear God and trust Him along the way. Phillip makes mistakes at times and deviates from specific instruction, but God is always there to guide him in the purpose He had created and formed.I believe "The Unlikely Prophet" will open every believer's heart as well as open the eyes of those who do not know the heart and purpose of the Lord. This story takes God out of the great buildings and centers of worship and shows His power in the everyday lives of people. His plan and word is to thousands, but also to one.I pray as you read, you are one that He touches in a special way. He came to save and heal the world and He came for you. He came for me. He loves you. Through the valley, on the mountaintops, and no matter what you and I go through, He is always there. God is with you and loves you. Most of this book, I wrote out of my own experience and I believe that the Spirit of God wrote much as well. It is listed as a Christian fiction novel, but the power and love of God is truth and will never fail.

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