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The Vanishment

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Robert LPN Firth
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The VANISHMENT describes a fictional account of a modern day visitation by the late great Jesus Christ. The appearance of the spirit in the personage of the son of God or God himself, with all his miraculous powers, in the back yard of a middle class white guy, begins an astounding series of happenings that change mankind and the world forever.The book relates the authors rather wry and at times hilarious and wishful account of the "second coming" as has been predicted for two thousand years. Why Jesus decides to visit humanity in 2011 and why he returns to a poolside patio in Boca Raton Florida is left to the imagination of the writer and the reader. Equally, it remains for the reader to comprehend Jesus' actions as he goes about his business. Most certainly there are echoes of the day of Judgment, so colorfully described in the Book of Revelations, the last chapter in the Christian Bible, dealing with the prophetic visions John, a servant of Jesus, received from God. The author, in imagining the reasoning and actions of JC as he goes about "cleaning up" the mess mankind has made of his lovely world, delivers to the reader a vision of God's vision of a perfect world, with all its poisonous influences surgically removed by 'miraculous intervention.' Nothing, but nothing, can top God when it comes to removing "stains" from the carpet of history. From one problem to the other, God, who knows the hearts of all men, makes decisions to improve his world and preserve his chosen people, which, as it turns out, aren't entirety and solely the Jews. In the end, a perfect world remains, cleansed of all 'evil' influences...... The question for the reader is this: Is the world "fixed" by Jesus Christ a better one?

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