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How To Manage A Security Sales Organization

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Lou Sepulveda Cpp
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Building a Successful Security Sales organization is more than possible if you have the right information, tools, and work ethic to make it work. In How To Manage A Security Sales Organization, author Lou Sepulveda reveals the successful sales and development techniques that have worked in his own career. How To Manage A Security Sales Organization will teach you:1. The secrets of developing door-to-door sales teams2. How to hire, develop, train, and build a sales team that shatters corporate recordsLou Sepulveda C.P.P., grew a sales organization from a start-up to a $5 billion annual business in less than four years. Author of The Formula for Selling Alarm Systems and Surviving in the Security Alarm Business, Sepulveda is CEO of Lou Sepulveda Consulting & Training LLC, which specializes in assisting security alarm companies in developing and growing their sales organizations.Lou has been instrumental in developing and growing an independent dealer organization, judged by its volume to be the number one security alarm dealer program in the United States. He followed up that accomplishment by developing and then growing the largest international dealer organization outside the United States. Sepulveda has developed and managed direct sales organizations in the United States and in thirty countries around the world. Those offices quickly became the market leader in every country in which they operated, proving that language and cultural differences make little difference in creating success.

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