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Dreams and Visions of the Last Days, Special Edition

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Roger K. Young
LDS AVOW: Another Voice of Warning
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Enhanced and Expanded with all the contents of Dreams & Visions Volume one PLUS...New Unpublished Dreams & Visions from Roger's personal files.Never before published personal commentary by Roger K. Young on many of the dreams.The full contents of "To Your Tents O' Israel" to complete the presentation of the "Tent City" concept.PURPOSE of Dreams and Visions (from Roger)The purpose and intent of this book is actually very simple. It is to perhaps convince a few more people to follow the living Prophet a little more closely, and to prepare themselves and their families for the events which lie in the (near?) future by preparing Spiritually (getting temple recommends and using them often), Physically (obtain a minimum one year supply of food, clothing, shelter and other necessities), and Mentally. And as part of this preparation to perhaps come to understand some of the events that they will likely have to pass through. Elder Oaks recently in the April 2004 General Conference encouraged all members of the Church throughout the world to "accelerate our own preparation and try to influence the preparation of those around us." This is a small effort to comply with that counsel.Chapter 1, WHY?Chapter 2, NOBODY KNOWSChapter 3, DREAMS AND VISIONSChapter 4, EARLY CHURCH VISIONS & PROPHECIES 180 YEARS AGOChapter 5, DREAMS & VISIONS FROM 80-100 YEARS AGOChapter 6, DREAMS & VISIONS FROM 30-60 YEARS AGOChapter 7, RECENT DREAMS & VISIONSChapter 8, SUMMARY & CONCLUSIONWHY IS IT that over the last few years our beloved living prophet, President Hinckley, along with members of the Quorum of the Twelve and other General Authorities have continued emphasizing the nearness of the last days along with spiritual and physical preparation for those events?

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