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South of the Ecliptic

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Donald Ph. D. Ladew
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Adobe Digital Editions
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2 - DRM Adobe

South of the Ecliptic description:South of the Ecliptic is a science fiction military adventure that tells the story of the resurgence and finally the reinstatement of the Mars Legion. Having unwisely chosen the side of the Federation over the Imperium nine years before our story begins, the Legion is defeated in the final battle at Vincent's planet.Brigadier General Jerrad Piehl, in command at the last battle, and who would not surrender, was imprisoned for six years. When we meet the general he is Captain of a run-down trading ship. The current King offers him a task that involves the Princess Iralane and getting her to a place of safety. It proves no easy task. Powerful forces that have good reason to hate and fear the Legion go to great lengths to destroy Piehl.At the heart of the story is the secret of a functioning Intergalactic Portal whose use and control is being sought by Piehl's enemies. No more is known about it than that it is located south of the plane of the Ecliptic. With the help of his friends and members of the legion, Piehl seeks out his enemies and brings them to battle there, south of the Ecliptic on the portal world of Seerelan.

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