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For a Good Time Call...

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Donald Ph. D. Ladew
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Adobe Digital Editions
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2 - DRM Adobe

William Fennimore is bored and depressed. He is a short man trapped in a tall world. While at a bus stop, waiting for his ride, he notices a perfectly written, copperplate script ad on the wall of the bus stop. It is surrounded by illiterate graffiti and stupid advertisements.On a whim, he calls the number, makes an appointment and meets a beautiful girl who is taller, but then not. Miss Annie Brown, in a peculiar accent, says she works for a company called "For a Good Time Call". Instead of enjoying her bed, he is transported to their offices 9 million miles beyond Pluto and discovers that they are a Galactic Employment Agency.The agency finds people of different races who can bring new view points to problems that have resisted all attempts to solve.While waiting for assignment, William spends time with Miss Annie Brown. They fall in love. He receives his assignment and they are sent down to a planet that has been at war for 11 years. She is sent to one of the opposing sides by "accident" and William to the other.He can only think of finding her. His many adventures crossing a vast, island-filled ocean to the other continent slowly bring him to the point where his 5 and 3/4" height is unimportant, and he does realize that he is having a good time. And so he should, "For a Good Time Call" guaranteed it contractually.William does finally solve the problem of the war and find his Miss Annie Brown.

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