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How You Are Like Shampoo for Job Seekers

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Brenda Bence
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Employers want to know why you are the best choice for the job: Should they hire you or another candidate? The truth is that you're more likely to be selected for a job based on your connection with the interviewer than based on your qualifications. By learning to master your Job-Seeker Personal Brand, you'll have an edge over others interviewing for the same position, making the trademarked 'YOU' the brand of choice for your next employer.This groundbreaking book reveals a proven, step-by-step system for defining, communicating, and taking control of your personal brand before, during, and after a job interview. Modeled after the world's most successful big-brand marketing methods, this guide takes you start-to-finish through proven corporate branding techniques never before adapted for personal use. You'll learn how to:- Leverage the 6 personal brand positioning elements other job seekers don't know- Master the 5 everyday activities that best communicate your brand to potential employers- Avoid the Top 20 Job-Seeker Personal Brand Busters that can hurt your chances for success- Build trust and excitement before, during, and after your interview- Command the highest possible salary once you're offered the job you really want"

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