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I Love You, Goodbye

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Prentiss Sr. Grant
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Harrison Michaels is the president of a large internation bank. Success and power came quickly to Harrison and he thrives on both. Married to the perfect wife, Harrison seems to have it all. Harrison's only concern is an investigation by the F.B.I. for alleged illegal money transfers of millions of dollars of corporate funds held by the bank. Even this does not bother Harrison much as he consider the F.B.I. only a mild irritant. Nor is Harrion bothered by the fact the corporate funds are owned by the mob. Harrison is in control and no one can touch him.Harrison's live takes a dramatic turn during a "business" trip to the Cayman Islands when he is notified that his wife has died. Her death, first appearing to be an accident, turns out to be murder. Harrison's problems increase when his secretary, Elizabeth Blaine, is arrested and placed on trial for the murder. Harrison, while suffering the loss of his wife, now faces a District Attorney who is determined to prove Harrison was involved with his wife's murder, an F.B.I. agent trying to make "grade" on Harrison's arrest, and the syndicate impatiently wanting return of their money before Harrison's world crumbles."I Love You, Goodbye" is an exciting story with a multitude of twists. Its nonstop action will keep you riveted to every page as you witness Harrison Michaels' live unravel seemingly out of control. 'I Love You, Goodbye" has love, deceit, greed, betrayal and an ending you will not forget!

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