Plastic Films in Food Packaging

William Andrew Publishing
Materials, Technology and Applications
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1 Introduction to Use of Plastics in Food Packaging
2 Polypropylene Films

3 PE based multilayer film structures

4 Multilayer oriented films

5 Development of Barrier Film for Food Packaging

6 Applications of Polypropylene Films

7 New technologies in food packaging: Overview

8 Introduction to active food packaging technologies

9 Introduction to modified atmosphere packaging

10 Modified atmosphere packaging of ready-to-eat foods

11 Preservative packaging for fresh meats, poultry, and fin fish

12 Oxygen-scavenging packaging

13 Antimicrobial packaging systems

14 Damage Reduction to Food Products during Transportation and Handling

15 Food Packaging Machinery

16 Compostable Polymer Properties and Packaging Applications

17 Waste Management in Food Packaging Industries

18 A Survey of Regulatory Aspects of Food Packaging
The value of the grocery sector in the USA is over $500 billion annually, most of which is accounted for by packaged foods. Plastic packaging of foods is not only ubiquitous in developed economies, but increasingly commonplace in the developing world, where plastic packaging is instrumental in decreasing the proportion of the food supply lost to spoilage. .. This new handbook is a combination of new material and updated chapters, chosen by Dr. Sina Ebnesajjad, from recently published books on this subject. Plastic Films in Food Packaging offers a practical handbook for engineers, scientists and managers working in the food packaging industry, providing a tailor-made package of science and engineering fundamentals, best practice techniques and guidance on new and emerging technologies. By covering materials, design, packaging processes, machinery and waste management together in one book, Dr. Ebnesajjad enables the reader to take a lifecycle approach to food packaging. The Handbook addresses questions related to film grades, types of packages for different types of foods, packaging technologies, machinery and waste management. Additionally the book provides a review of new and emerging technologies. Two chapters cover the development of barrier films for food packaging and the regulatory and safety aspects of food packaging.

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