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The Mediated Youth Reader

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Sharon R. Mazzarella
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Mediated Youth Mediated Youth
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Since the first book was signed almost ten years ago, the Mediated Youth series has published nearly two dozen volumes, with more in process or production. This milestone provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on how the series has evolved, how it has contributed to the field, and in which direction(s) it is moving. The chapters reprinted in this volume have been selected to showcase the variety and diversity of topics published in the series. Grounded in cultural studies, they approach mediated youth through the lenses of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, nationality, and technology. As a whole, they paint a multi-faceted, complex, and nuanced picture of the relationship between youth and media today, and demonstrate that there is no one, singular «youth.» They remind us of the rich diversity of life experiences and media involvements of youth from a range of backgrounds, cultures, and countries. These chapters serve not only as a retrospective collection of scholarship published in Peter Lang's Mediated Youth book series, but also as a roadmap to the diversity of scholarship characterizing the field of youth media studies during these years.
Contents: Sharon R. Mazzarella: I Remember the Risotto - Susan Driver: Queering Girl Studies: Dialogical Languages and Performative Desires. From Queer Girls and Popular Culture: Reading, Resisting, and Creating Media (2007) - Ruth Nicole Brown: Theorizing Narrative Discrepancies of Black Girlhood From Black Girlhood Celebration: Toward a Hip-Hop Feminist Pedagogy (2009) - Meghan Chandler/Diana Anselmo-Sequeira: The «Dollification» of Riot Grrrls: Self-Fashioning Alternative Identities From Doll Studies: The Many Meanings of Girls' Toys and Play. Miriam Forman-Brunell/Jennifer Dawn Whitney, Eds. (2015) - Dawn H. Currie/Deirdre M. Kelly/Shauna Pomerantz: Breaking the Rules: Skater Girls From «Girl Power»: Girls Reinventing Girlhood (2009) - Elham Golpush-Nezhad: Queering Tehran: Discovering Gay Rap in Iran From Lost Histories of Youth Culture. Christine Feldman-Barrett, Ed. (2015) - Divya C. McMillin: Television and Transnational Relevance From Mediated Identities: Youth, Agency & Globalization (2009) - Christine Feldman-Barrett: Japan's «Cult of Mod» From «We Are the Mods»: A Transnational History of a Subculture (2009) - Nicolas Carah: «Enjoy Responsibly!»: Young People as Brand Co-creators From Pop Brands: Branding, Popular Music, and Young People (2010) - Michelle S. Bae-Dimitriadis: Go Cyworld! Korean Diasporic Girls Producing New Korean Femininity From Girl Wide Web 2.0: Revisiting Girls, the Internet, and the Negotiation of Identity. Sharon R. Mazzarella, Ed. (2010) - Shayla Thiel Stern: «How Many Peeps R on 4 U?»: IM As a Space for Identity Articulation From Instant Identity: Adolescent Girls and the World of Instant Messaging (2007) - Stacey J. T. Hust: The Shrines to What They Love: Exploring Boys' Uses and Gratifications of Media in their Personal Spaces From Mediated Boyhoods: Boys, Teens, and Young Men in Popular Media and Culture. Annette Wannamaker, Ed. (2011) - Kathleen Sweeney: The Girl Gaze: Indies, Hollywood, and the Celluloid Ceiling From Maiden USA: Girl Icons Come of Age (2008) - Natalie Wilson: Civilized Vampires Versus Savage Werewolves: Race and Ethnicity in the Twilight Series From Bitten by Twilight: Youth Culture, Media, & the Vampire Franchise. Melissa A. Click/Jennifer Stevens Aubrey/Elizabeth Behm-Morawitz, Eds. (2010) - Angharad N. Valdivia: This Tween Bridge over My Latina Girl Back: The U.S. Mainstream Negotiates Ethnicity Mediated Girlhoods: New Explorations of Girls' Media Culture (2011, Mary Celeste Kearney, Ed.) (2011) - Spring-Serenity Duvall/Leigh Moscowitz: When Boys Go Missing Snatched: Child Abductions in U.S. News Media (2016) - Mediated Youth Reader: Contributor Biographies.

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