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Politics, Pedagogy and Power

Bullying in Faculties of Education
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Eelco B. Buitenhuis
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Critical Qualitative Research Critical Qualitative Research
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Politics, Pedagogy and Power: Bullying in Faculties of Education is the result of research seeking to find explanations for bullying between faculty members in faculties of education around the world. The frank and devastating revelations of professors are shocking and painful, screaming for interrogation. Bullying in faculties of education is a strange phenomenon because anti-bullying programs abound while the behavior occurs at a significant number of faculties of education. The research finds that factors in leadership and neoliberal politics cause this odd phenomenon. Other causes were found in the problematic position of education in the academic world. The underdog position academics in education find themselves in works both ways: notions of being of less importance than any other science are mirrored in feelings people working in education have about themselves. In this research a bricolage is executed, the methodology that intelligently joins research methods driven by the growing understanding of the problem of bullying between professors in education. This makes Politics, Pedagogy and Power a useful guide in methodology classes. This book is a perfect textbook for leadership programs in higher education, because it deals with good and bad leadership and issues of power.
Contents: What? Teachers Are Bullying Teachers? - Educational Leadership - Safe Space - Dichotomy - The Bullied Speak - Break - Bullying and How It Works; Making Meaning - Neoliberal Politics Ruining Academia - Who Is Responsible?

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