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Beyond Actions

Psychology of Action Research for Mindful Educational Improvement
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Norijuki Inoue
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Educational Psychology Educational Psychology
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Beyond Actions is a new breed of book on action research, going beyond procedural descriptions of action research and discusses psychological processes and epistemological challenges involved in planning and conducting action research. The book discusses in depth key concepts of action research and the ways in which these concepts actually contribute to the improvement of educational practice by assuming the viewpoint of educators. Dr. Inoue offers ample opportunities for readers to deeply reflect on personal, social, cultural, and philosophical foundations of practice improvement efforts and develop a comprehensive understanding of action research. Beyond Actions is targeted to educators, educational researchers, principals, and students taking graduate-level courses in action research, educational research methods, educational psychology, education foundations, educational leadership, and other related fields as well as anyone seeking a new methodology for mindful educational improvement.
Contents: Introduction: The Nature of Action Research - Examining Assumptions: New Psychology of Research - Crafting Research Questions: Journey from Within - Validity of Inquiry: Mindful Action Research Design - Grasping Needs of Reality: Objectivity vs. Subjectivity - Letting Others Live within You: The Spirit of Working Together - Your Actions and Beyond: The Path to Self-Transformation - Reflection, Ego, and Mindfulness: A Way of Letting Go - A Meta-Framework: Redefining Educational Research - What's Next? Completing the Circle.

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