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Uprooting Urban America

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Race, Class and Gentrification
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Horace R. Hall
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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Shifts in America's socioeconomic geography have been documented since the 1960s, demonstrating the reversal of white flight and the reshaping of a nation, evidenced by the growing divide between underprivileged citizens and the wealthy. As state and local governments continue to scale back social services that impact health and well-being, how will disenfranchised groups fare in this expanding, market-driven global society? Uprooting Urban America addresses this query by examining the social consequences of policies that change urban landscapes during the process of gentrification. In this book, junior and senior scholars present contemporary research findings and innovative strategies within the fields of education, healthcare, geography, sociology and policy studies. The book is ideal for graduate and advanced graduate level courses in the disciplines of education, sociology, cultural studies, political science, public policy, urban planning, social justice education and health care and human services.
Contents: William H. Watkins: Foreword: On Politics, Property and Wealth - Horace R. Hall: Introduction: Understanding Gentrification and the Recolonization of U.S. Urban Space - Loïc Wacquant: Relocating Gentrification: The Working Class, Science and the State in Recent Urban Research - Adrienne Holloway: Hurting or Helping: Gentrification and African American Neighborhoods in Chicago - Emily Rosenman/Samuel Walker/Elvin Wyly: The Shrinkage Machine: Race, Class and the Renewal of Urban Capital - Daniel Faber/Shelley McDonough Kimelberg: Sustainable Urban Development and Environmental Gentrification: The Paradox Confronting the U.S. Environmental Justice Movement - Antwi Akom/Aekta Shah/Aaron Nakai: Visualizing Change: Using Technology and Participatory Research to Engage Youth in Urban Planning and Health Promotion - Stuart Greene/Kevin Burke/Maria McKenna: Reframing Spatial Inequality: Youth, Photography and a Changing Urban Landscape - Donald A. Barr: Training Physicians for the Demographics of the 21 Century: The Importance of Diversity and Cultural Competency - Russell Lopez: Gentrification and Health: Patterns of Environmental Risk - T. Henry Akintobi/Ronald Braithwaite/Anika Dodds: Residential Segregation: Trends and Implications for Conducting Effective Community-Based Research to Address Ethnic Health Disparities - William Ayers: Topsy-Turvy: Education at the End of Empire - Henry A. Giroux: Cultural Studies in Dark Times: Public Pedagogy and the Challenge of Neoliberalism - Sue Books: Disparity, Austerity and Public Schooling in the United States: Why Quentin Can't Read - Katherine Hankins/Elizabeth Egan Henry: School Activism and the Production of Urban Space in Atlanta, Georgia - Miranda Martinez: «History Still Matters»: Leveraging Historicity in Struggles to Control Space - Judith N. DeSena: Gentrification as Class Politics - James Jennings: Foreclosure Crisis and the Role of Community Organizing in a U.S. Latino Community - Diane Grams: Community Parading and Symbolic Expression in Post-Katrina New Orleans - Mindy Thompson Fullilove: Afterword: Things Have Fallen Apart but We Are Planning to Stay.

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