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Communicative Cities in the 21st Century

The Urban Communication Reader III
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Matthew D. Matsaganis
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Urban Communication Urban Communication
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This book explores the concept of the «communicative city», developed initially by participants in an international Urban Communication Foundation initiative, by bringing together scholars from across the communication arts and sciences seeking to enhance our understanding of the dynamic relationship between urban residents and their social, physical, mediated, and built environments. The chapters are arranged in categories that speak to two larger themes: first, they all speak to at least one aspect of the qualifying and/or disqualifying characteristics of a communicative city. A second, larger theme is what we might refer to as a master trope of the urban experience and, indeed, of urban communication: inside/outside. The research presented here represents social scientific and humanistic approaches to communication, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and positivist/normative and interpretive orientations, thereby providing a deeper understanding of the multi-level phenomena that unfold in urban communities.
Contents: D. Matsaganis/Victoria J. Gallagher: Introduction: The Making of Communicative Cities in the 21st Century - Margaret R. LaWare: Defining a «Livable City»: Parks, Suburbanization, and the Shaping of Community Identity and Ecological Responsibility - Victoria J. Gallagher/Kenneth Zagacki/Kelly Norris Martin: Communicative Spaces and Rhetorical Enactments: How and Why Urban Parks Enhance (or Fail to Enhance) Civic Life - Casey Man Kong Lum: Understanding Urban Foodways and Communicative Cities: A Taste of Hong Kong's Yumcha Culture as Urban Communication - Mary Ann Allison: Unconventional Urban Communication Success: Envisioning and Engendering a Revitalized New Cassel - Leo W. Jeffres/Kimberly Neuendorf/Guowei Jian/Kimberly S. Cooper: Auditing Communication Systems to Help Urban Policy Makers - John Monberg: Containing RFID: Questioning Communication, Technology, and Culture - Tim Simpson: Chinese Tourists, Themed Casinos, and Consumer Pedagogy in Macao - Janis L. Edwards: Locating Nihonmachi: Urban Erasure, Memory, and Visibility in Japantown, USA - Gary Gumpert/Susan J. Drucker: Skins, Tattoos, and Architectural Façades: Or What You See Is What You Get - For the Moment - Andrew F. Wood: Origami Urbanism amid the Flat City: An Omnitopian Analysis of Commercials Depicting Mutability in Urban Life - Gene Burd: Afterword: Cross-Currents Inside and Outside the Communicative City.

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