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Girls Sexualities and the Media

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Kate Harper
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Mediated Youth Mediated Youth
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This anthology provides exciting, innovative research focused on the construction of adolescent girls' sexuality in the media. The volume includes a variety of theoretical and methodological perspectives from the humanities and the social sciences, addressing how girls and others respond to, work with, and even resist prevailing media representations of girls' sexualities and how they use contemporary media as a form of sexual expression. The authors consider a wide array of sexual attitudes, behaviors, and expressions not commonly seen in the sexualities literature, including the voices of «other» girls whose voices are often ignored, particularly racial/ethnic minority and indigenous girls, sexual minorities, and girls from non-U.S. settings. The use of ethnographic data, in conjunction with media analysis techniques, provides a unique approach to the media studies genre, which tends to highlight an analysis of media content, as opposed to the ways in which media is used in everyday life.
Contents: Yasmina Katsulis/Vera Lopez/Kate Harper/Georganne Scheiner Gillis: Girls' Sexualities and the Media: The Power of the Media - Georganne Scheiner Gillis: The Girls of Carvel: Adolescent Desire in Andy Hardy Films - Jennifer Helgren: «Sensible Safety Rules»: Class, Race, and Girls' Sexual Vulnerability in the U.S. Print Media, 1950-1970 - Kate Harper: Snogging, Stereotypes, and Subversion: Girls' Sexuality in the Harry Potter Series - Suzan Walters/Michael Kimmel: The Pleasures of Danger and the Dangers of Pleasure: The Inversion of Gender Relations in the Twilight Series - Catherine Driscoll: «She's All That»: Girl Sexuality and Teen Film - Amanda Rossie: Wrecked and Redeemed: Religio-Political Pedagogy and MTV's 16 and Pregnant - Elena Frank: Just Say Me? (Mis)representing Female Adolescent Sexual Agency on The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Kellie Burns/Cristyn Davies: Producing Girl Citizens as Agents of Health: An Analysis of HPV Media Campaigns in the United States - Isaac Gagné: «Hyperfeminine» Subcultures: Rethinking Gender Subjectivity and the Discourse of Sexuality Among Adolescent Girls in Contemporary Japan - Alvaro Jarrin: Favela Models: Sexual Virtue and Hopeful Narratives of Beauty in Brazil - Jillian Hernandez: «Chongas» in the Media: The Ethno-Sexual Politics of Latina Girls' Hypervisibility - Jennifer Apple: Heteroflexibility: Female Performance and Pleasure - Deborah L. Tolman/Lyn Mikel Brown/Christin P. Bowman: «Hey Media, Back Off and Get Off My Body»: SPARK is Taking Sexy Back - Linda Charmaraman/Brittany Low: From Media Propaganda to De-Stigmatizing Sex: Exploring a Teen Magazine By, For, and About Girls - Amy Rutstein-Riley/Jenn Walker/Alice Diamond/Bonnie Bryant/Marie LaFlemme: «We're All Straight Here»: Using Girls' Groups and Critical Media Literacy to Explore Identity with Middle School Girls.

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