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Reformation Worlds

Antecedents and Legacies in the Anglican Tradition
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Otto Sean A. Otto
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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A reassessment of the precedents, course, and legacy of the Reformation has occurred in the present generation of academic writing. This collection of essays brings together research by established and new scholars on themes of the Reformation with a particular focus on its antecedents and legacies in the Anglican tradition. Utilizing a diversity of topics, approaches, and methods, this book adds measurably to our knowledge of the place of the Reformation in Britain and Ireland as well as its European, North American, and African particularities. Exploring a variety of themes, this collection examines the Reformation in relation to key aspects of church organization, belief, sacrament, conversion, relationships with other denominations, theological education, church and state, worship, and issues of resilience and decline. While these themes are pursued broadly, there is a particular focus on the context of the Anglican tradition in terms of Reformation preoccupations and concerns. This collection's thematic content, chronological span, and geographical range will also challenge accepted views, deepen understanding, and highlight new areas of enquiry, bringing new research and insights to bear on established observations. Academics will find this book of particular interest for courses on the Reformation, Early Modern Europe, and the history of Christianity.
Contents: Ephraim Radner: Reform, Revival, or Renewal: The Reformation After 500 Years - Andrew Adkins: The Venerable Bede as a Visionary for Unified Christian Identities in the Anglosphere - Sean A. Otto: The Reform Program of John Wyclif's Sermons - David Neelands: Richard Hooker: The Confident Church of England Reformer - Eric Griffin: Unworthy Reception and Infrequent Communion in the Tudor-Stuart Church - Brad Walton: Pastors and Depression in Early-Modern England - Thomas P. Power: Lapsed Member and Penitent Convert: Reformation, Liturgy and Conversion in Ireland in the 1690s - Alan Acheson: Pioneer Irish Clergy in Upper Canada - Nathan Wolfe: Teaching and Writing History at Wycliffe College, Toronto, 1881-1944 - Gary W. Graber: Restoring Order in the Church: The Royal Commission on Ecclesiastical Discipline (1904-1906) - Mwita Akiri: Education Reforms in Colonial Africa: Dynamics, Challenges and Impact on Christian Missions - Brian Clarke/Stuart Macdonald: No Need to Turn Out the Lights: Anglicans in Canada in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries - Paul H. Friesen: «Absurd Hats and Squeaky Boots»: C.S. Lewis Goes to Church.

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