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2284 World Society

Iaian Vernier's Memoir
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Seymour W. Itzkoff
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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2284: World Society, Iaian Vernier's Memoir is a fascinating study of mankind. Written as a work of fiction, it looks at the human condition 200 years in the future. Predicting the outcome of today's social policies, 2284 is a cultural anthropology study that adds to Itzkoff's extensive writing on the topic. Iaian Vernier writes in 2284 of the revolutionary internationalism that has been established in Nairobi, Africa. He chronicles the disasters that almost destroyed the twenty-first-century world. He describes in anecdote and philosophical depth the new scientific and secular world that has been established to bring peace, equality, ethnic diversity and democracy to humanity, while scrutinizing the plans for demographic stability that will sustain humanity into the future. In the twenty-third century, the forbidden rationality of the scientific minds of the twenty-first century have been unleashed.
Contents: Personal Note from Iaian Vernier - A Revolutionary Vision - Into the Tunnel - Coming Apart - Light at the End - Reconstruction - Brain Power - Road to Social Equality - The Long Road Traveled - Homo sapiens sapiens: Evolution's Mystery - Goal of a Unified Humanity - A Work in Progress - Universal and Plural - Ethnicity - Our Democracy - Why Democracy? - The Democratic Life: Criteria - Economic Equality - Economic Progress Report - Perennial Religion - The Fine Arts - Our Esthetic Vision - World Without War - Education - Human Sexuality - Perspective - Final Thought.

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