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History and Education

Engaging the Global Class War
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Curry Stephenson Malott
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Education and Struggle Education and Struggle
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History and Education is a text that engages the history of the global class war, from the United States to the former Soviet Union, from the People's Republic of China to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in order to contribute to the development of communist pedagogy. Central to this communist pedagogy is the struggle for Native American sovereignty and for the self-determination of oppressed nations within the U.S. Pedagogical theory is mobilized to highlight the centrality of seizing state power in the movement for transforming capitalist production relations and bourgeois society into socialist relations and a communist form of society premised on the self-determination of racial, ethnic, and linguistic minorities. In the process History and Education challenges both the white chauvinism of pure proletarian communists as well as the anti-communism that, for decades, has dominated the Left in general, and the educational Left in particular, especially in the U.S. The book contributes to the current resurgence in the popularity and appeal of socialism as an achievable and necessary internationalist, solidarity-based alternative to capitalism.
Contents: Foreword; Drawing Class Lines Through Critical Education: A Proletarian Program for the Current Crisis - Introduction: Lenin and the Withering Away of the State - The Global Class War and the Contradictions of Capital - Marxist Historiography in the History of Education: From Colonial to Neocolonial Schooling in the United States - The Crossing of Class Lines: Confronting Critical Pedagogy in Defense of Communism - Right-to-Work Laws and Lenin's Communist Pedagogy - Communist Padagogy: Centering Marx' General Law of Capitalist Accumulation.

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