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Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry

Possibilities and Tensions in Educational Research
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Ruth Nicole Brown
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Critical Qualitative Research Critical Qualitative Research
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Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry is an edited volume that examines the possibilities and tensions encountered by scholars who adopt disruptive qualitative approaches to the study of educational contexts, issues, and phenomena. It presents a collection of innovative and intellectually stimulating chapters which illustrate the potential for disruptive qualitative research perspectives to advance social justice aims omnipresent in educational policy and practice dialogues. The book defines «disruptive» qualitative methodologies and methods in educational research as processes of inquiry which seek to: 1) Disrupt traditional notions of research roles and relationships 2) Disrupt dominant approaches to the collection and analysis of data 3) Disrupt traditional notions of representing and disseminating research findings 4) Disrupt rigid epistemological and methodological boundaries 5) Disrupt disciplinarily boundaries and assumptive frameworks of how to do educational research Scholars and graduate students interested in disrupting traditional approaches to the study of education will find this book of tremendous value. Given the inclusion of both research examples and reflective narratives, this book is an ideal text for adoption in introductory research design seminars as well as advanced courses devoted to theoretical and practical applications of qualitative and interpretive methodologies.
Contents: Ruth Nicole Brown: «She Came at Me Wreckless!» Wreckless Theatrics as Disruptive Methodology - Rosario Carrillo: Reports of Illegal Activities by Research Participants: Meaning-Making Through Reflexivity, Dis-Order, and Mexican-American Studies - Sara M. Childers: Promiscuous Methodology: Breaching the Limits of Theory and Practice for a Social Science We Can Live With - Mark S. Giles/Robin L. Hughes: CRiT Walking for Disruption of Educational Master Narratives - Nicole M. Pourchier/Teri Holbrook: Always Already Inquiry: A/r/tography as a Disruptive Methodology - Candace R. Kuby: Crystallization as a Methodology: Disrupting Traditional Ways of Analyzing and (Re)presenting Through Multiple Genres - Cassie F. Quigley/Nicole Beeman-Cadwallader: Beyond Scientific «Facts»: Choosing to Honor and Make Visible a Variety of Knowledge Systems - David Stovall: «Bringing a Little Bit of Heaven to Humanity»: Raising Hell While Interrupting Traditional Methods for the Purpose of Justice - Claudine Candy Taaffe: Picture This: Using Photography to Tell a Black Girl's Truth - Z. Nicolazzo: Identity as Inquiry: Living and Researching From the Borderlands - Penny A. Pasque: Advancing Disruptive Methodological Perspectives in Educational Qualitative Research Through Teaching and Learning - Hilary E. Hughes/Mark D. Vagle: Disrupting the Dissertation, Phenomenologically Speaking: A Reflexive Dialogue Between Advisor-Advisee - Nana Osei-Kofi: Methodological Freedom: A Journey.

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