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News Evolution or Revolution?

The Future of Print Journalism in the Digital Age
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Andrea Miller
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Mass Communication and Journalism Mass Communication and Journalism
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This book tells the story of modern-day newspapers by exploring the digital transition of the New Orleans Times-Picayune as a microcosm of the industry. Drawing on the expertise of scholars and professionals across a range of areas, it explores the economic, political, and social context of the move of the largest daily newspaper (to date) from print to the Web. In doing so it paints a complete picture of the current shape of the newspaper industry. While the circumstances in New Orleans anchor the book, it also includes exploration of other for-profit and nonprofit business models for newspapers; differences in how communities handle news during a crisis; implications of the digital divide; and, how different communities believe a decline in print journalism impacts politics and the functioning of local government. By researching in real-time the metamorphosis of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the book shows what news organizations, journalists, news consumers, and professionals can learn about the future of the global newspaper industry. Is the newspaper industry in the midst of evolution or are its decisions sparking a revolution?
Contents: Amy Reynolds: A Symbiotic Relationship: How Changes in Journalism, Technology, and Public Life Impact Each Other - Jinx Coleman Broussard/Benjamin Rex LaPoe: A History of the New Orleans Times-Picayune - Andrea Miller: The Importance of Local News in Tragedy - The Gulf Coast's Dual Disasters and Beyond - Jerry Ceppos: How We Got Here and What It Means for New Orleans News Consumers - Amy Reynolds: Economic Models and Business Strategies for the Digital Media Environment - Paromita Saha: An Ecological Perspective on the Evolution of New Orleans' News Media - Chris Roberts: Meanwhile, in Alabama: Cuts and Hiring, Consolidation and Expansion - Andrea Miller/Young Kim: Is Digital Content Better? - Lance Porter: Digital, Social and Mobile: The Multiplatform News Future of New Orleans - Nicole Smith Dahmen: Photojournalism in the Digital Age - Amy Reynolds/Lindsay M. McCluskey: Government and the Digital Fourth Estate.

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