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Yin-Yang Interplay

A Renewed Formation Program for the Catholic Seminary in China
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Chiu Bit-shing Abraham Chiu
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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«Yin-Yang» Interplay: A Renewed Formation Program for the Catholic Seminary in China puts the spotlight on the design of a renewed formation program for the Catholic seminary in China. Without any renewed formation, transformation becomes pessimistic in the Chinese Catholic Church (CCC). Though the road marching to spiritual transformation in China is long and winding, «Yin-Yang» Interplay offers those who are interested in laboring in this special vineyard vision a dream, and, more profoundly, hope. Indeed, this hope is based on the analysis of the political and religious background of the CCC and the data collected from twenty-six interviewees, especially the seminarians whose sincere sharing substantiates the author's academic research and simultaneously opens a window to the world for understanding the CCC. On the foundation of theory and experience, the author suggests a renewed formation program that customizes the special political and religious situations in China. The program integrates traditional Confucianism, modern educational theory, and contemporary Chinese culture in order to foster a seedbed for the clerical formation of the CCC.
Contents: Educit Obstetrix - Rebirth of Seminaries after the Cultural Revolution - Educat Nutrix - Nurturing Childlike Sagehood in the Chinese Catholic Seminaries - Instituit Paedagogus - Seminary Formation under the Essential Tension between Politics and Religion - Docet Magister - Showing How and What a Renewed Seminary Formation Program Should Be.

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