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Gender and Sexualities in Education

A Reader
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Elizabeth J. Meyer
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Gender and Sexualities in Education Gender and Sexualities in Education
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This volume is about the education of gender and sexualities, which is to say it explores how gender and sexuality identities and differences get constructed through the process of education and «schooling». Wittingly or not, educational institutions and educators play an important role in «normalizing» gender and sexuality differences by disciplining, regulating, and producing differences in ways that are «intelligible» within the dominant or hegemonic culture. To make gender and sexuality identities and differences intelligible through education is to understand them through the logic of separable binary oppositions (man-woman, straight-gay), and to valorize and privilege one normalized identity within each binary (man, straight) and simultaneously stigmatize and marginalize the «other» identity (woman, gay). Educational institutions have been set up to normalize the construction of gender and sexual identities in these ways, and this is both the overt and the «hidden» curriculum of schooling. At the same time, the «postmodern» times in which we live are characterized by a proliferating of differences so that the binary oppositional borders that have been maintained and policed through schooling, and that are central to maintaining highly inequitable power relations and rigid gender roles, are being challenged, resisted, and in other ways profoundly destabilized by young people today.
Contents: Wayne Martino: Masculinities, Gender Non-Conformity, and the Significance of Queer and Transgender Perspectives in Education - Kevin Burke: Impossible Women: Saints, Sinners, and the Gendered Mythology in a Catholic School - Darius D. Prier: Schooling the Gendered Politics of Masculine Scripts in Black Popular Culture - Mary Lou Rasmussen: Taking Homophobia's Measure - Jennifer C. Ingrey: The Heterotopic Washroom in School Space: Binary Gender Confirmed, or No Place of One's Own? - Reta Ugena Whitlock: LGBT Families and Southern Schools: Thinking About People, Place, and Education - M. Sue Crowley: Defining Themselves: LGBQS Youth Online - Alfred Masinire: Becoming a Responsible Boy: Contesting Masculinity in Rural Zimbabwe - Elizabeth J. Meyer: Masculinities on The O.C.: A Critical Analysis of Representations of Gender - Kristen V. Luschen: Survival, Protection, and Forgiveness: Examining Gendered Violence and Care in The Hunger Games Trilogy - Pamela K. Smith: Social Media Go Gaga: Mother's Little Helper for Feeding Her Little Monsters - Alyssa D. Niccolini: Spicing Up the Curriculum: The Uses and Pleasures of Erotica Noir in the Urban Classroom - Dennis Carlson: The Bully Curriculum: Gender, Sexualities, and the New Authoritarian Populism in Education - Joseph G. Kosciw/Emily A. Greytak/Mark J. Bartkiewicz: Failing Progress: Changes in School Climate for LGBT Youth Over Time - Bethy Leonardi/Lauren P. Saenz: Conceptualizing Safety From the Inside Out: Heteronormative Spaces and Their Effects on Students' Sense of Self - sj Miller/James R. Gilligan: Heteronormative Harassment: Queer Bullying and Gender-Non-Conforming Students - Mel B. Freitag: Safety in Unity: One School's Story of Identity and Community - Jennifer Bryan: Tomboys, Sissies, and «That's So Gay»: Exploring Gender and Sexuality Diversity in Early Childhood and Elementary Education - Karleen Pendleton Jiménez: Off the Script: A Study of Techniques for Uncovering Gender-Bending Truths in the Classroom - Kathleen Quinlivan: «Butterflies Starting a Tornado»: The Queer 'Not Yet' of New Zealand School-Based Queer Straight Alliance as a Utopic Site of Learning - Ramón Robles-Fernández: A GSA's Impact on Students' Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Civic and Political Participation, Civic Engagement, and Social Justice - Jacqueline Ullman/Kelli McGraw: Troubling Silences and Taboo Texts: Constructing Safer and More Positive School Climates for Same-Sex-Attracted High School Students in Australia - Jair Matrim: A Philosophy of Sexual Reciprocity for Secular Public Schools of Toronto - Susan W. Woolley: (Im)perceptible Silences: Hearing LGBTQ Silences and Voices in School - Lance T. McCready: The African Dance Program: Where Is the Love? - Freeden Oeur: It's Not How Regular Boys Are Supposed to Act: The Nonnormative Sexual Practices of Black Boys in All-Male Public Schools - Stephanie D. McCall: Girls Minus Boys: Heteronormative Discourses of Protection in Single-Gender Schools - Lee Airton: Hatred Haunting Hallways: Teacher Education and the Badness of Homophobia(s) - Todd Jennings: Is the Mere Mention Enough?: Representation Across Five Different Venues of Educator Preparation - Jack Migdalek: Challenging Gendered Practices Through Drama - Sara Carrigan Wooten: Critical Interventions: Addressing the Reality of LGBTQ Sexual Violence in Higher Education - Sheltreese D. McCoy: Some of Us Are Brave: A Review of the Research on the Experience of Black LGBT Professors in Colleges and Universities in the United States - Jillian R. Roth/Lea Robinson/Camille O'Bryant/Pat Griffin: 3 to 1: Four Women

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