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Patents, Pills, and the Press

The Rise and Fall of the Global HIV/AIDS Medicines Crisis in the News
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Thomas Owen
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Global Crises and the Media Global Crises and the Media
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HIV/AIDS is a global health crisis of unprecedented proportions. Afflicting millions worldwide, its social, political, economic, and ethical dimensions have rendered explicit the vast inequalities of our «negatively globalized planet». Since the late 1990s, a major feature of the crisis has been the dispute over intellectual property protection and medicines access. In this book, Thomas Owen examines the mediatization of this dispute. Weaving together contemporary media theory and interdisciplinary research with computer-assisted news analysis and interviews with journalists and civil society campaigners, the book illuminates the intersecting constitutive relationships between global crises, global governance, and global media. In a context of changing media technologies, logics, and practices, this book observes where the mediatized conflict surrounding global medicines access has at times consolidated elite political economic power, and at other times provided civil society campaigners their greatest opportunities for global social change. With an interdisciplinary approach, this book is suitable for courses on global media communication and global journalism, as well as advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in public health communication, political communication, social movement studies, and international relations.
Contents: The Crisis Meets the Media: ACT UP vs. Al Gore 1999 - Contested Crisis Definitions: Patents vs. Poverty - Contested Crisis Definitions: Global vs. National - The «Golden Window» and the «Unsustainable Stalemate» - Inside a Successful Civil Society Media Campaign: Perspectives from Communicators and Journalists - 2003-2013: Third Wave AIDS Activism, TRIPS-Plus, and the New Media Ecology.

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