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Todays College Students

A Reader
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Joseph L. Devitis
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers Adolescent Cultures, School, and Society Adolescent Cultures, School, and Society
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America's undergraduates truly represent a mind-boggling diversity. Today's College Students: A Reader looks at a wide variety of student groups and identities, which sets it apart from other texts on contemporary college students that do not cover such a broad spectrum. The editors and contributors also invite students, their instructors, and other college/university practitioners to be mindful of the crucial, yet sometimes overlooked, connection between extra-curricular campus activities and learning. Sustaining educational moments throughout the undergraduate experience, in and out of the classroom, is why colleges exist. This volume thus reminds us that both social interaction and individual critical reflection are vital collegiate processes, especially in an age of consumerism and the McDonaldization of higher education. Ultimately, the text seeks to reinforce and augment the rich diversity that can make college more rewarding for us all. It is especially useful for courses devoted to today's college students and diversity, the multicultural university, college student development, and student affairs administration.
Contents: Ufuoma Abiola/Marybeth Gasman/Thai-Huy Nguyen/Andrés Castro Samayoa/Felecia Commodore: Historical and Contemporary Challenges Faced by African American Undergraduate Students - Cristobal Salinas, Jr.: Understanding and Meeting the Needs of Latinas/os in Higher Education - Robin Minthorn/Heather J. Shotton: Native American Students in Higher Education - Samuel D. Museus/Varaxy Yi: Asian American College Students - Sudha Wadhwani: Today's Asian Indian College Student - Jose M. Maldonado/Britni V. Epstein: Middle Eastern College Students and Their Culture - Chris R. Glass/Elizabeth J. Kociolek: The Great Divides: Seven Trends That Shape the International Student Experience at U.S. Colleges and Universities - Paige Haber-Curran/Chris Linder: Women in College: Environments and Identities - Daniel Tillapaugh: Today's College Men: Challenges, Issues, and Successes - Karen A. Myers: Students With Disabilities: From Success to Significance - Tina R. Paone/Krista M. Malott/ Brighid Dwyer: Privilege and Power: Identifying and Addressing Whiteness in the University Setting: Promoting a System of Success for All - Susan Rankin/Genevieve Weber/Jason Garvey: LGBTQIAA: From Invisibility to Visibility: Queer-Spectrum and Trans-Spectrum College Students - William Arnold/Will Barratt: First-Generation Students - Dafina-Lazarus Stewart/Keenan Y. Colquitt, Jr.: Privileged Access: Higher Education's Unfulfilled Promise - Karen L. Archambault: The Typology and Needs of American Transfer Students - Amy E. Wells Dolan/Sara R. Kaiser: The History of Student Life in American Higher Education - James P. Barber/Michelle M. Espino/Daniel Bureau: Fraternities and Sororities: Developing a Compelling Case for Relevance in Higher Education - Kathleen M. Goodman: The Future of Spirituality in Higher Education: Becoming More Inclusive - Jeannette M. Passmore: Nontraditional Students: The New Traditional - Matthew Varga/Jeannie Hopper: The Residential Experience - Mark Bauman/Denise L. Davidson/Daniel Roesch: The Student-Veteran Experience - Andy Casiello/Richard Overbaugh/Heather Huling/Mitsue Blythe: Distance Learners: Their Challenges and Successes - Pietro A. Sasso/Blair Dayton/Stephanie Rosseter: A Generation Divided: An In-Depth View of Millennial Students - Alan M. Schwitzer/Brian Van Brunt: Student Mental Health Issues on Today's Campuses - Jason R. Kilmer/Véronique S. Grazioli: Undergraduate College Drinking: A Brief Review of the Literature - Dennis E. Gregory: Student Rights and Responsibilities: Duty to Care and the Pendulum of In Loco Parentis - S. Mei-Yen Ireland/Susan R. Jones: Service-Learning and Student Learning - Joseph A. Pate/Mallory A. Anderson/Nathan Williams: Benefits of Outdoor Adventure Experiences on Student Learning and Transformation - Jennifer Giblin/Dennis E. Gregory: Study Abroad and Guided Reflections: How to Help Students Recognize the Personal Benefits of Their International Experience.

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