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Evangelicals and the Synoptic Problem

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Strickland Michael Strickland
Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers
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The Evangelicals and the Synoptic Problem aims to investigate how evangelical Christians and their Protestant forebears, labeled early orthodox Protestants, have dealt with the classic puzzle of New Testament criticism known as the Synoptic Problem. The particular theories considered are the Independence Hypothesis, the Augustinian Hypothesis, the Two-Gospel Hypothesis, the Two-Source Hypothesis, and the Farrer Hypothesis. Starting with John Calvin and continuing to the modern day, consideration is given to the various hypotheses provided by early orthodox Protestant and evangelical biblical scholars throughout the centuries. Special attention is given to major evangelical contributors to the subject since 1950. In addition, a chapter is devoted to the role ecclesiology has played in evangelical consideration of the synoptic problem. After analyzing the opinions offered over almost half a millennium, it is compelling to note how arguments have changed and how they have remained the same.
Contents: Definitions - A Calvin(ist) and a Lutheran and the Synoptic Problem - Sixteenth Century - Puritans and the Synoptic Problem - Textual Critics and the Synoptic Problem - 1700-1749 - Two Britons, a German Evangelical, and the Synoptic Problem - Evangelicals and the Synoptic Problem - 1800-1849 - Evangelicals and the Synoptic Problem - 1850-1899 - Evangelicals and the Synoptic Problem - 1900-1948 - Evangelicals and the Syoptic Problem - 1950-present.

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